Here are the top ten most surprising statements made by the various Republican presidential candidates during Monday night's debate in Tampa, Fla.

10. “Y’all should try my Godfather’s pizza, Mmm-hmmm, my pizzas are lip-smackin’ good!” (Herman Cain).

9. “Damn, Mitt, you’re almost as handsome as I am!” (Rick Perry).

8. “I, too, had a one-night stand with Glen Rice.” (Michelle Bachman)

7. “I hate illegal immigrants – but I sure hope they vote for me!” (Perry)

6. “I also had a one-night stand with Glen Rice.” (Rick Santorum)

5,. “Hey, I’m a Mormon, If I win, I’m gonna have a whole buncha First Ladies!” (Mitt Romney)

4, “Wolf, why aren’t you asking me any questions?? Wolf??... Wolf??” (Jon Huntsman)

3. “Why am I running for president? Chicks dig washed-up, sleazy, overweight, losers!” (Newt Gingrich)

2. “During my tenure as Texas governor, the Dallas Cowboys have enjoyed 100-percent full employment!” (Perry)

1.”I make more in one second than most of you losers make in a year!” (Romney)