It's that time of the year again when the pressure of playing Santa proves challenging for most parents. Your kid wants a very special toy, without which the world seems to fall apart.  

Well, if you are that parent who is frantically looking for that unique toy, you need not fear. Here's a handy list of the best toys for 2011, that every kid and parent alike is eagerly waiting for this season.

LeapFrog LeapPad Explorer

Computer tablets are increasingly popular among adults. A child-friendly version is also available. The most sought after gadget seems to be the Leapfrog LeapPad Explorer Tablet.

This electronic device, which comes along with a stylus, features over 100 activities in the form of games and other high-end applications. The sturdy toy has a camera, a 5-inch touch screen, and 2 gigabytes of memory. In addition, parents can monitor their kid's activities and progress in various subjects.

The LeapPad truly provides a fun and educational experience for children, aged four and above.

Angry Birds Knock On Wood
Almost everyone has the gaming application on their phones, but now there's a live action version just for kids.

This two to four player game gets players to launch plastic birds at pigs for real. Bound to delight kids, ages five to nine, this exciting game gets more entertaining when the whole family joins in.

Air Swimmers

Bring fun to a whole new level this season by letting sea creatures 'swim' through your house.

The Air Swimmers are huge aquatic-inspired toys that 'swim' through the air with incredible fluid-like motion. These radio controlled fish are helium filled and comes in two different varieties, the Air Swimmers Clown Fish and the fearsome Air Swimmers Shark.

These unique toys are recommended for ages eight years and up.

LEGO Star Wars Millennium Falcon

Built for both LEGO and Star Wars fans, this set features cast of the legendary film. The set is a replica of Han Solo's iconic starship with over 1,200 LEGO pieces.

With detachable cockpits, laser weapons, and movable parts, boys will surely get a kick out of this interactive toy set.

This impressive model is recommended for kids, ages nine years and up.

Imaginarium City Central Train Table

The Imaginarium City Central Train Table lets kids, aged three and above, create a miniature town to watch trains passing by lots of pieces of scenery. This three-to-five foot set is made of real quality wood, which is sturdy enough for enthusiastic play. This detailed set features a central station, heliport, and a magnetized track that responds with sound and light. The tracks are also compatible with other popular trains such as Thomas & Friends.

This wonderful gift is perfect for children who just love trains.