When it comes to the pre-Halloween weekend, there are so many parties in New York to choose from that the task may seem daunting. To make it easier, here is a list of the top 5 pre-Halloween bashes you should be attending this year. What makes these choices even better is that they will not hurt your wallet—general admission for each club is $15 or less. And one has no cover charge! So put on your best costume and head to these Manhattan hotspots Saturday night with your friends for a pre-Halloween party you will be sure to remember!!

People's Lounge: Get the party started at People's Lounge located on 163 Allen Street. Doors open at 9pm, and when the name of the party is 'Get Your Devil On,' you know you are bound to have a great time. The party is costume only, so be sure to wear your sexiest or scariest costume and dance the night away on two dance floors.

At People's Lounge, party with Milano Green Vodka and its brand ambassador, Dustin Schwartz. The vodka is described on its official website as being  "crafted and cared for by Italian viticulturists and distillers with over 175 years of experience." This fine 'unfiltered' Italian vodka boasts signature cocktails such as Roman Republic, Milanese Martini, and Anacapri.

There is no cover for Milano Green guests; just make sure to say that you are guest of "Milano Green" at the door to expedite entry.

Slate: One of the NYC hotspots is certainly Slate, located on 54 West 21st street. Doors open at 9pm, with a vodka open bar from 9pm-10pm. General admission is $15, while a Silver Bottle package will cost you $305. 'Hide Ya Tricks! Hide Ya Treats! Zombie Intruder on 21st Street!' is the theme, so come in your favorite costume and enjoy the great music. The lounge has two floors, with pool tables and ping-pong tables on the lower level, as well as two stocked bars.

Greenwich Village Country Club: Located on 110 University Place between 12th and 13th street, The Greenwich Village Country club actually has a mini golf area, in addition to a dance floor. This club has been described by the New York Post as "a punk meets prep mecca." Saturday night, the doors open at 8pm and close at 4am. There is a vodka open bar from 9pm until 10pm. General admission is $10 while VIP Clubhouse Access costs $20. A Silver Bottle package will cost $280. The theme? 'Unrest In Peace At GVCC Halloween Extraveganza 2012!'

Element: Dance club Element is located on 225 East Houston Street and 'Time Out New York' describes it as "..a new home for clubland's heavy hitters." The pre-Halloween party here is called 'The Resurrection of Halloween at Element.' With a title like that, be sure to come dressed in your scariest and sexiest costumes. The party is from 9pm until 4am and general admission costs $15 while VIP Mezzanine access costs $25. A Silver Bottle package will cost you $310.

Copacabana Nightclub: A NYC party hotspot list would be incomplete without the Copacabana Nightclub, located on 268 West 47th Street. How can you not enjoy a club that has light-up palm trees? Whether you like merengue or hip hop, the Copacabana is bound to be one of the go-to places Saturday night.  General admission costs $10, while rooftop access costs $25, and the Silver Bottle package, $315. The theme of the night is 'Vixens And Vampire Voyage. A Times Square Mega-Watt Halloween Bash That Will Haunt Your ForEVER!' So get your vampire fangs out and head over to midtown for the party!

Be sure to put on your best costume and party with your friends at one of these Pre-Halloween celebrations on Saturday night!