Passengers who flew out of O'Hare on June 13 should be grateful that Paul Kahan's knives were intended for slicing food, not throats. 

The James Beard Award-winning chef was traveling from his home base in Chicago, and did not realize until later that day that his potentially deadly weapons had gone unnoticed.

Kahan sent out this Tweet after he recognized the security breach:

Flew outa Ohare today. Forgot I had four huge chef knives in carry on bag. Got patted down for wallet. Knives went through.

This is the third airport security failure  - that we know about - in recent months. In March, a bag full of box cutters went undetected by two TSA agents and a supervisor at New York's JFK airport.  And in November, Mythbusters' Adam Savage reported that he had accidentally carried 12-inch razor blades through a body scanner and onto his flight.

Kahan is Executive Chef/Partner of Avec, Big Star, Blackbird and The Publican - all based in Chicago. In 2004, he was named James Beard Best Chef of the Midwest.

[Source: Jaunted]