Department stores have got to be one of the greatest creations in fashion - you have every designer you need in front of you without having to store hop.  Here are the top department stores where you can find high-end fashion.

Barney's New York - For those of you who have a love for cutting edge fashion and you are able to afford those designer prices, Barney's is for you!  Barney's New York offers the most chic merchandise of the New York City's department stores.  Barney's is located on the hip boutique infested street of Madison Avenue, so if you need a fashion makeover with the burn to burn head over to Barney's New York.

Bergdorf Goodman - Well-known for its classic high fashion items, Bergdorf Goodman offers excellent fashions, accessories, and even home furnishings.  Bergdorf Goodman also has a main store as well as a men's store.  This high end fashion department store is located across Fifth Avenue with eight floors of trendy fashions as well as their own restaurant and café for when you need to take a break from all that shopping.

Bloomingdale's - Considered the shopping palace of New York City, Bloomingdale's is visited by all kinds of fashion forward shoppers with high and low budgets.  With a great variety of designers and incredible sales Bloomingdale's creates a very pleasurable shopping experience.  If you get too overwhelmed by the Bloomingdale's charm, Martine's chocolates are located on the sixth floor and Bloomingdale's famous frozen yogurt can be found in Forty Carrots on the seventh floor.

Henri Bendel - This department store offers chic new designers mostly targeting the younger market.  Not as overwhelming as Bloomingdale's or Bergdorf Goodman, this boutique style atmosphere recently started focusing on accessories, beauty products, and gifts as well as apparel.

Saks Fifth Avenue - One of the most famous department stores to house high end fashion, Saks Fifth Avenue includes high quality customer service and a wide variety of designer merchandise.  They even have free personal shoppers for customers!

Lord & Taylor - The old timer in fashion, Lord & Taylor, has been open since 1826. Being a little more old school than Saks or trendy Barneys, Lord & Taylor features a great amount of American designers with fantastic sales.

Macy's - Macy's department store is most definitely an old time favorite of many shoppers.  Macy's includes ten floors with everything from beauty products, to clothing, shoes, and even kitchenware.  This department store has frequent sales on top of their already moderately priced items.  Macy's is also very famous for their window displays.