Harold Camping, leader of the independent Christian ministry Family Radio Worldwide, has prophesized that a rolling earthquake will cause the destruction of the world on May 21, 2011. The remaining people who will be left behind will end up as victims of the final, all-encompassing destruction six months later.

He also stated that the good ones will be raptured and will be joined in celestial beatific bliss with Christ while the sinners of the world will be left to face extinction a few months from now.

The basis of Harold's whimsical theory has been the great Biblical flood of Noah's times. Based on this, Camping made some mathematical calculations to arrive to the current date.

According to Harold Camping, the rapture, will take place on May 21, 2011, it is the Biblical belief that Jesus Christ will arrive in a Second Coming to carry the believers up to heaven. He says the flood that decimated the population of the world sans Noah and whoever got on board on his vessel, took place in 4990 B.C.

But the truth is, however far-fetched it sounds, many people across the world believe in the prophecy and some are even waiting for the devastating earthquake to occur. Even social media like Twitter and Facebook are abuzz with countless messages and tweets.

Check out some of the top tweet responses on Doomsday May 21, 2011:

@robbmcdowell robbmcdowell: There's people in Union Square proclaiming Judgement Day to be on May 21. I hope they're wrong, cause I have concert tickets for June 3.

Bridget40 Bridget: to be or not to be..remains the question..we will see tomorrow..

LlLTUNECHl Doctor Swagger: the world ain't ending son, my yogurt expires in 2013 ... #ThugLife

@dorothyatmetro Dorothy Robinson: For those who are asking: May 21st is Judgment Day! Let's get weird.

@bgreenlee Brad Greenlee: I think the 21st will be a good night to rent Judgement Day