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  • Pre-Market Movers (YPF, Nokia, Home Depot, BT Group, Arcelormittal, Arch Coal, Royal Bank of Scotland, Weatherford)

    September 17 2012 6:55 AM EDT

    YPF SA, Nokia Corp, Home Depot Inc, Home Depot Inc, Arcelormittal, Arch Coal Inc, Royal Bank of Scotland Group plc and Weatherford International Ltd. are among the companies whose shares are moving in pre-market trading Monday.

  • nyse
    Top After-Market NYSE Movers (AutoZone, Main Street, Owens & Minor, YPF, Accretive, Chiquita Brands, Chesapeake Utilities, Alliance One)

    September 15 2012 1:26 AM EDT

    The top after-market NYSE gainers Friday were AutoZone, Main Street Capital Corp, Owens & Minor, YPF SA and FelCor Lodging Trust Inc. The top after-market NYSE losers were Accretive Health, Chiquita Brands International, Chesapeake Utilities Corp, Alliance One International and Weight Watchers International Inc.

  • Chesapeake Energy To Raise $6.9 Billion Via Asset Sales

    September 12 2012 9:18 AM EDT

    Chesapeake Energy Corp said it will sell most of its Permian Basin properties to Royal Dutch Shell Plc and Chevron Corp and a majority of its pipeline assets to raise about $6.9 billion in cash.

  • EU Bites the Hand that Feeds It: Gazprom Will Bite Back

    September 11 2012 2:06 PM EDT

    Gazprom has Europe's natural gas market in a stranglehold and Europe is attempting to fight back, first with a raid last year on the Russian giant's offices and then with a probe launched earlier this week against its allegedly illicit efforts to control the EU's natural gas supplies.

  • The Energy Report - Not Much Shelter from the Storm

    August 30 2012 9:06 AM EDT

    If short sided oil traders though that they would be basking in sunny big time profits after the storm I would have to say at this point they have to be a bit disappointed. Even after a sell off on bearish Energy Information Administration supply report oil could only hover about a dollar lower. The EIA reported that U.S. commercial crude oil inventories (excluding those in the Strategic Petroleum Reserve) increased by 3.8 million barrels from the previous week. At 364.5 million barrels, U.S. ...

  • The Energy Report - Flood Warning

    August 29 2012 8:54 AM EDT

    Hurricane Isaac makes a second landfall at Port Fourchon, LA.; it is becoming clearer that the threat at from this slow moving storm may not come from the winds but the possible flooding. While oil prices have fallen on the expectation that demand for oil will be impacted by this storm in the aftermath of the storm the demand for higher quality crude could drive WTI higher when the damage becomes clearer. With flood defenses already being breeched in southeast Louisiana the impact of this storm ...

  • Louisiana oil production factoids
    Tropical Storm Isaac Cuts Petroleum Output, Price Hikes Expected

    August 27 2012 12:28 PM EDT

    At least one major refiner, BP PLC (NYSE: BP), has said it is shutting down production in the region. Production shutdowns can lead to price spikes at the pump fairly quickly.

  • The Energy Report - Isaac has Oil Production Twisting in the Wind

    August 27 2012 7:58 AM EDT

    Winds and rain and Isaac have taken a nasty turn right into the heart of Gulf Oil Production. States of emergency and evacuation orders are in place along the Gulf oil and refining areas. Prices started to soar shortly after Weather Analyst Dave Tolleris of WXRISK told me that Isaac may miss Florida completely and turn into a Category 2 Hurricane and head directly into refineries and production near Alabama and Louisiana. Dave said that we are rapidly approaching that point of landfall with Isa...

  • Shell Plans At Least $1 Billion Investment In Chinese Shale Gas Per Year

    August 21 2012 3:38 PM EDT

    Royal Dutch Shell announced plans to spend at least $1 billion a year exploiting China's supply of shale gas, Reuters reported. The news came from the energy firm's head executive in China, Lim Haw Kuang, who responded to Reuters' questions about the alleged $1 billion-a-year plan to invest in the potentially vast natural gas trove.

  • The Energy Report - All's Quiet on the Oil Rally

    August 14 2012 9:20 AM EDT

    Another choppy light volume day and if you were not paying close attention you might not realize that oil is going higher. In fact, led by the Brent Crude on concerns surrounding North Sea production and of course those pesky geo-political worries oil is rising step by step an inch. North Sea blend production is near record lows due to maintenance. Weak Eurozone growth but in line with expectations and Chinese data are also keeping hopes and oil high in the belief that China or some other nati...

  • The Energy Report - China Delusion

    August 10 2012 5:16 PM EDT

    The steep slowdown in Chins has investors wondering ... Now What? China's slowdown now looks more and more like a crash landing raising fears that the worlds growth engine is getting bogged down by Europe and its own internal economic problems. Soaring domestic wages and real estate makes China's trade data even more disturbing.

  • Brent slips, but stays above $111 on supply woes

    August 08 2012 2:51 AM EDT

    Brent crude dipped on Wednesday, coming off a 12-week top hit in the previous session, although worries about falling North Sea output and hopes for more stimulus measures from both sides of the Atlantic kept prices above $111 per barrel.

  • Chevron Fire
    Richmond, Calif. Fire Isn't The First For Chevron, Or Other Companies In Fuel-Making Business

    August 07 2012 8:55 AM EDT

    Richmond, Calif., a city of about 104,000 residents, is home to heavy industry and is familiar with such incidents. Accidents can be potentially hazardous to surrounding communities. Sulfur dioxide, sulfur trioxide, hydrogen sulfide have serious health effects in high atmospheric concentrations.

  • The Energy Report - A World of Woes and Oil Goes!

    August 07 2012 8:17 AM EDT

    If it isn't one thing driving oil higher than it is another. Oil Prices are getting support from weather woes, refinery fires, pipeline sabotage and weak global economic situation that are raising hopes of more global economic stimulus. We start with bad news is good news. German manufacturing orders fell in June and reports that Mario Monti gave an ultimatum to Angela Markel is getting the market geared up on the belief that the European Union is getting ready to embark in a massive bond buy...

  • Facebook, Apple, Starbucks, Caterpillar: Notable Earnings Reports To Watch, June 23-27

    July 20 2012 2:49 PM EDT

    Next week's barrage of earnings releases offers further guidance on the health of U.S. companies.

  • Apple Inc.
    Apple, Facebook, Caterpillar: 60 Earnings Reports To Watch Next Week, June 23 – June 27

    July 20 2012 12:59 PM EDT

    Next week's barrage of earnings releases offers further guidance on the health of U.S. companies.

  • King Coal Has Lost Crown To Natural Gas, Despite Price Decline Forecast

    June 22 2012 3:08 PM EDT

    While coal has powered the 19th-century Industrial Revolution, heated homes and generated electricity, the era of King Coal has come to an end.

  • The Increasing Threats to Global Energy Supplies - An Interview with Jellyfish

    June 20 2012 10:56 AM EDT

    Michael Bagley is the president of Jellyfish, a global boutique intelligence firm that combines on-the-ground intelligence collection and analytics with an unprecedented country-to-country economic diplomacy program that helps governments, corporations, institutions and private individuals forge secure partnerships, discover new opportunities and mitigate operational risks.

  • LANDesk Buys Wavelink For Mobile Enterprise Push

    June 20 2012 8:59 AM EDT

    LANDesk Software, the venerable desktop management software developer, said it had acquired private Wavelink to extend its reach into mobile platforms like smartphones and tablets.

  • China kicks off first shale gas tender
    Poland Looks to Shale Crude and Shale Gas

    June 15 2012 9:13 AM EDT

    Poland looks to shale exploration, despite concerns over fracking.