• hextech

    'League Of Legends' Loot Box Drop Rate: Tencent Releases Chinese Hextech Crafting Odds

    We still aren't sure the loot box rates for League of Legends Hextech Crafting system, but now we might.
  • SouthChinaSea

    China, Japan And Those Troubled Waters

    Authorities in Beijing are opposed to Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe's plan to discuss the South China Sea with Premier Li Keqiang this weekend.
  • ChinaCar

    Ford To Spend $1.8B Developing Chinese Smart Cars

    Ford wants to appeal to Chinese customers by focusing $1.8 billion on smart cars developed in China.
  • China-Factory

    China Wants Emissions To Peak Before Deadline

    China hopes to reach the apex of its greenhouse gas emissions early so the country can address health and economic problems going forward.
  • Gold, Silver and Crude Oil Prices in Asia

    Bank of America/Merrill Lynch says the recent bond purchasing program announced by the US Federal Reserve should be Bullish for Gold, maintaining its Y 2013 target of 2,000 oz and introducing a new 24-month target at 2,400 oz for the end of Y 2014, according to a research note Tuesday.
  • Alpari Grain Report 9/18

    Sunday night into Monday saw the grains slowly dissolve as old bulls sold long held positions and new traders sold short. It took the entire night and day session to finish the selling until finally December corn settled down $.33, beans down its $.70 limit and week off $.44. Several issues were responsible. The first was failure of the Friday, September 14 European Central Bank meeting to agree to a timetable to resolve the euro debt crisis. Finance Ministers fought over every issue of a potent...
  • Ryan Lochte Reacts To Seth MacFarlane?s ?Saturday Night Live? Impression: ?He Pegged Me Wrong?

    Anyone who's ever watched an interview with Olympic swimmer Ryan Lochte knows that he isn't the most intelligent of public figures. That's why Seth MacFarlane Saturday Night Live portrayal of Lochte as dimwitted was pretty dead on. Now the athlete has reacted to the Family Guy creator's Weekend Update spoof.
  • Abortions Of Female Fetuses Creating Widening Gender Imbalance In India

    The high abortion rate of female fetuses has led to a dramatic gender imbalance in India ? over the fifty-year period from 1961 to 2011, the number of girls born per 1,000 boys plunged from 976 to 914, according to the census.
  • What Classic Action Movies Say About The Economy

    Popular art often mirrors common ideas about current economic affairs and reflects the conventional wisdom guiding public opinion. This is particularly true of film.
  • Uncertainty Heightened as Fitch's Warns of Downgrading Japanese Firms

    European shares opened lower on Tuesday as investors concerned about the progress of the European bank union and intensified tensions between China and Japan over territory dispute. Fitch Ratings warned that it might downgrade ratings of Japan's auto and tech companies if tensions prolonged. This is expected to affect the outlook of the world's third largest economy which heavily depends of exports of auto and technological products. In the commodity sector, crude oil prices eased a tad wi...
  • London Session: Trepidation comes back to the markets

    Risk is once again off today as the dollar continues to find buying interest. This is the third day in a row that the dollar has risen -so is this a trend and has the QE3/ Draghi OMT boost to the markets already lost steam? We are unsure at this stage, although we believe that dollar gains will be limited by the prospect of more QE from the Fed (especially if the labour market doesn't start to pick up). However, the success, or not, of the ECB's OMT programme all depends on Spain requestin...
  • The Phil Flynn Energy Report

    What do you get when you cross and options expiration Rosh Hashanah? The answer is a $3 dollar price drop in oil market in one minute. While oil's big surprise move was made on light holiday volume and during the last hour of options expiration just looking at the charts it is possible that the move could be what could be a technical game changer. Is it possible that the fundamentals for oil might be turning bearish?
  • Gold, Inflation and Currency Wars

    Gold has been a major topic of talking heads and investment advisors in recent months especially as emerging market central bank purchases begin to dwarf developed nations' reserves. The major moves in gold have come off the back of stimulus measures and recently announced plans for easing. As previously discussed, gold is historically used as a mechanism to hedge against inflation and paper value debasement. This time is no different as the recently announced Chinese stimulus, ECB bazooka, a...
  • Worldwide Cloud Services Market To Surpass $109B In 2012: Gartner

    The worldwide cloud services market is estimated to grow 19.6 percent in 2012 to surpass the $109-billion mark, according to a new report by Gartner.
  • Brent crude dips under $114, focus shifts to China

    Brent crude slipped under $114 a barrel on Tuesday, adding to steep losses in the previous session, as investors weighed the impact of the Federal Reserve's open ended stimulus push on oil demand and eyed China's next step to boost its economy. Brent crude fell more than $5 a barrel late on Monday in a wave of late, high-volume selling that many traders said appeared to have stemmed from an automated computer trading program. The U.S. Commodity Futures Trading Commission said it was lookin...
  • Investors Turn Cautious as Uncertainties Remain in the Eurozone

    Crude oil prices slumped on Monday on profit-taking. The surprising decline of almost US$5 in just a few minutes on very high volume triggered the CFTC to investigate the case with the CME. The front-month contract for WTI crude oil slipped to as low as 94.65 before ending the day at 96.62, down -2.40%, while the equivalent Brent crude contract plunged to a 6-week low of 111.5 before settling at 113.79, down -2.66%. Gold also faced profit-taking and USD's recovery, sending the Comex benchmark...
  • Nasdaq

    The Top Post-Market Nasdaq Movers (Brightcove, Body Central, Renewable Energy, 3SBio, AngioDynamics, Kraft Foods, Idenix, TriQuint, Take-Two Interactive, Tree.com)

    The top after-market Nasdaq gainers Monday were Brightcove Inc, Body Central Corp, Renewable Energy Group, 3SBio Inc and AngioDynamics Inc. The top after-market Nasdaq losers were Kraft Foods Group, Idenix Pharmaceuticals Inc, TriQuint Semiconductor, Take-Two Interactive Software Inc and Tree.com.
  • Woman walks past stock quotation board outside brokerage in Tokyo

    Asian Markets Drop Amid China-Japan Dispute

    Most of the Asian markets dropped Tuesday as investor confidence was weighed down by the intensifying tensions between China and Japan and the increasing concerns over the euro zone debt crisis.
  • Asian Shares Slip After Fed-Inspired Rally

    Asian shares retreated from four-month highs Tuesday as markets paused from last week's rallies, calculating the impact on growth from the Federal Reserve's aggressive stimulus and eyeing whether Spain will request a bailout to ease its fiscal strains.
  • Panda cub

    Cute Overload: Panda Cub Born At National Zoo Crashes Panda Cam [VIDEO]

    Cute overloads are typically the stuff of Reddit subthreads, but on Monday, the National Zoo Panda Cam suffered this literal fate when their servers crashed shortly after the birth of a new giant panda cub.