• Gold, Silver and Crude Oil Trade

    US Gold prices finished pit trade lower on profit-taking and consolidation from the gains posted last week. A sharp drop in Crude Oil futures prices the afternoon Monday helped to fuel some selling pressure in Gold and Silver. The precious metals are pausing to refresh, and seeing some chart consolidation following last week's action that saw December Gold Friday tap a 6-month high of 1,780.20. Dec Gold last traded down 11.70 to 1,761.00 oz. Spot Gold was last quoted -11.40 at 1,759.50 oz. De...
  • Panetta's Visit To Asia Unlikely To Assuage Sino-Japanese Nationalist Anger

    Tangible results to alleviating China's rising temper against Japan seem nowhere to be found. U.S. officials are urging for calm and peace, but the reality on the streets is that Chinese anger and frustrations are dealing increasing damage and violence to businesses carrying Japanese branded products. Meanwhile, a massive Chinese fishing fleet is soon expected to arrive in the waters off the Senkaku/Diaoyu Islands, worsening the prospects of a swift resolution.
  • $105,000 Kitchen (Stove Not Included): Electrolux Going After Market Most Can Only Dream Of

    Swedish home appliance maker embarks on small market for very expensive kitchens. For the rest of us: It recently began selling its Frigidaire brand at The Home Depot.
  • Striking Lonmin workers in South Africa

    Copper Prices Slip But Remain Near 4 1/2-Month High

    London copper slipped on Monday, but still retained most of the previous session's steep climb to a 4-1/2 month top as a new round of U.S. monetary stimulus measures and a weak dollar continued to support prices.
  • elephant

    Elephants In India Are Getting Fat. No, Really.

    Elephants who are kept by Hindu temples in the south of India are getting dangerously obese, and efforts are now underway to help them slim down.
  • Daily Summary on USD, EUR, GBP, JPY, AUD, CAD and RMB

    The dollar this morning, with the dollar index remaining below the key 80.0 level for a fifth?straight day. While stocks and commodities have begun the week in the red as investors remain skeptical about the health of the US economic recovery, the Fed's plan to buy mortgage?backed securities and far?dated Treasuries is sapping demand for the dollar's relative safety. However, the initial negative impact of QE3 on the dollar may be already be lessening as the ongoing debt crisis in Europe ...
  • Best National Parks You've Never Heard Of

    Ever since the U.S. Congress declared Yellowstone a national park in 1872, nations around the world have followed suit, protecting vast swaths of exceptional land. Here?s a look at some of the best.
  • New Baby Panda Born At National Zoo After 5 False Alarms

    Proud panda mother Mei Xiang has shown similar signs of pregnancy five times since 2007, all of which turned out to be false alarms. But on Sunday night, she delivered.
  • Senkaku/Diaoyu Islands

    Senkaku Islands Dispute May Hurt Japan?s Recovering Tourism Industry

    When China and the Philippines sparred over the disputed Scarborough Shoal (known as Huangyan Island in China) this past May, the People?s Republic canceled all outbound travel to the Philippines, dealing a direct blow to an industry vital to the nation?s economy. Substitute Japan for the Philippines and Senkaku Islands (known as Diaoyu Islands in China) for Scarborough Shoal, and you?ve got the same thing happening this September.
  • Freemium Rush: Free-To-Play Gaming Now Makes Up More Than Half Of European Market, But Packaged Video Games Still Drive Eurozone Revenue [REPORT]

    Freemium video games like "FarmVille 2" and "Angry Birds," the cheap and easily accessible counterpart to premium boxed copies of "Skyrim" or "Call of Duty" that run players upwards of $50 or $60 a sale, now make up more than half of the total market for video games in Europe, a new study shows.
  • A labourer cleans the floor beside a China Railway High-speed (CRH) train preparing for the operation ceremony from Wuhan to Guangzhou in Wuhan, Hubei province, in this December 26, 2009

    China?s Economy To Rebound Sooner, Stronger Than Expected - Nomura

    While market sentiment for China's growth outlook has been overwhelmingly negative, Nomura's Chief China Economist Zhiwei Zhang remains very bullish.
  • Pre-Opening Soy Complex Market Report 9/17

    November soybeans are trading 29 cents lower near 7:30 am cst. Soybean meal and oil are also trading sharply lower. The Malaysian Palm Oil market was closed for holiday but it is being reported that Malaysian palm oil exports for September 1-15 rose by 12.1% to 680,112 tonnes from 606,449 tonnes for the same period in August. China soybeans were down 1.3% overnight. There were 76 soybean deliveries and 5 soybean meal deliveries after the close Friday. There were also 249 soybean oil deliveries b...
  • Light round of profit taking selling to start the week

    The global risk asset markets are trading in a perception mode or a view that the stimulus coming from the US, Europe and likely China will be enough to jump start the faltering global economy. The view that inflation will be the outcome of all of the stimulus programs is pushing oil and other traditional commodities back to lofty levels. The objectives of QE3 are to bolster the economy and improve the weak jobs markets. With oil prices rising it certainly looks counterproductive as higher oil a...
  • Morning Crude Oil Market Report 9/17

    October crude oil prices traded lower during the overnight and initial morning hours, under modest pressure from slowing economic growth concerns in China, as well as profit-taking after recent gains. Some traders also pointed to a slight pullback in risk-taking sentiment as a force weighing on crude oil. Meanwhile, some of the support in the crude oil market comes from growing tensions in the Middle East, with protests at the Afghan capital, as well as a growing urgency from Israel's Prime M...
  • Morning Silver Market Report

    December silver futures overnight have started out on a weaker footing, after a rather stellar run up last week. Perhaps silver was indirectly undermined by a minor silver price forecast reduction from a major European bank overnight or perhaps silver was simply put off balance as a result of adverse outside market action. In fact, weaker global equities, weaker energy prices and adverse currency market action has probably prompted some profit taking in December silver after last week's low t...
  • Morning Gold Market Report 9/17

    While December gold managed to climb to the highest level since late February last week, in the wake of the aggressive easing talk from the US Fed, gold prices this morning have started out on a back foot. Tensions in China, an increase in Indian diesel fuel prices late last week, weak equities and a stronger Dollar have given the bear camp a minor edge to start the new trading week. However, aggressive promises from the US Fed and signs of positive reforms in India ahead could serve to underpin...
  • Morning Copper Market Report 9/17

    As with other precious metals markets, copper has entered the new trading week under pressure as fear of a trade war between the US and China and anxiety between China and Japan were widely seen to be weighing on prices. Adverse currency market action, weaker industrial commodity prices action and lower equities may also be negative factor for copper early this week. Asian copper prices may have found fresh pressure from concerns of further limits on Chinese property investment.
  • London Session: Do rising Spanish bond yields threaten EURUSD?

    The markets are trading with a risk off tone at the start of the week. There are a couple of reasons for this: 1, the extent of the moves last week may justify a pullback at this stage, 2, the focus turns back to growth as we await a plethora of economic data due in the coming days and 3, problems with Spain.
  • The Energy Report - Morally Hazardous

    In the aftermath of all of the market euphoria after QE 3D It seems that already governments are using the stimulus as an excuse to not face the tough questions that really face them. While it was not likely ahead of a major Presidential in the United States it was not likely that congress would have all of a sudden found fiscal religion it seems that in China and Europe they are using QE 3D as an excuse to not make the hard choices that deep down everyone knows that eventually we will have to ...
  • Obama To File WTO Complaints Against China

    The Obama administration will file a World Trade Organization complaints against China, charging the nation's government with illegally subsidizing its exports of cars and car parts and imposing unfair dutiets on U.S. auto exports, according to a published report Monday.