• Davis_010

    The Uncounted

    Since Hurricane Katrina, the New Orleans school system has been reborn. But somewhere along the way, an untold number of students may have been left behind.
  • Dunn_020

    A Rental Named Desire

    When the levees broke, the floodwaters stripped away much of New Orleans' most affordable rental housing. A decade later, people like Desi Grimes are still struggling to find a home.
  • Warner_007

    The Long Road Home

    Louisiana's Road Home rebuilding program was supposed to help those who lost their houses to Hurricane Katrina. A decade later, the journey home is far from over.
  • Gallucci_2_029

    Tempting Fate

    As New Orleans residents celebrate the rejuvenation of their city, experts warn of a reckless delusion that has swept over the Big Easy in the decade since Hurricane Katrina's floodwaters subsided.
  • Gallucci_1_008

    Closer Than Ever To The Water’s Edge

    Ten years after Hurricane Katrina ravaged the Gulf Coast, Louisiana is more vulnerable than ever to the growing threats of climate change.