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  • Kenyan Resort Attack: UK Calls for Release of Kidnapped Woman

    September 13 2011 9:19 PM EDT

    The UK called for the release of a woman kidnapped at a Kenyan beach resort.

  • A government soldier maintains order
    Somalia briefly detains Turkish aid workers

    September 13 2011 1:59 PM EDT

    Somali security forces briefly detained two Turkish aid workers on Tuesday after they delivered food to famine victims in an area near the capital controlled by rebels, officials said on Tuesday.

  • U.S. Foreign Policy
    Opinion: Did Osama Bin Laden Succeed?

    September 09 2011 9:00 AM EDT

    The United States has killed the mastermind of the September 11, 2001 terrorist attack, Osama bin Laden. But in engaging in two costly wars, did the U.S. do much of what bin Laden wanted the U.S. to do?

  • Mogadishu
    Somalia Denies Reports of CIA Detention Center in Mogadishu

    September 09 2011 8:57 AM EDT

    It's an underground prison in the compound of the presidential palace.

  • Worst drought of Africa in 60 years
    Somalia Lastest: Famine, Elections and Truces

    September 06 2011 2:09 PM EDT

    Spurred by a massive drought in the Horn of Africa, the famine in Somalia has already left tens of thousands of people dead. Making matters worse, Somalia's ineffective government has been unable to counter the crisis on its own, and is desperately relying on the humanitarian efforts of foreign powers.

  • Malnourished Somali children are seen inside a paediatric ward at the Banadir hospital in Mogadishu
    Hundreds dying daily as famine spreads in Somalia: UN

    September 05 2011 4:08 PM EDT

    Famine has spread to six out of eight regions in southern Somalia, with 750,000 people facing imminent starvation, the United Nations said on Monday, and hundreds of people are dying each day despite a ramping up of aid relief.

  • Disabled U.S. Helicopter
    9/11 Anniversary: Shadow Army of CIA, Special Ops Drives Counterrorism

    September 05 2011 9:19 AM EDT

    As counterterrorism has become the preeminent goal, the military has relied increasingly on covert operations

  • nigeria boko haram
    Al-Qaeda in Nigeria: Has the Group Found a New African Foothold?

    September 01 2011 9:42 PM EDT

    With news that the United Nations bombing in Nigeria is connected to al-Qaeda, how serious is the militant group's presence in the country?

  • A malnourished child is seen inside a ward at Banadir hospital in Somalia"s capital Mogadishu
    Somalia famine yet to reach its peak - U.N.

    September 01 2011 2:04 PM EDT

    Food will be increasingly scarce in famine-struck southern Somalia until next year's harvest, the head of the United Nations refugee agency (UNHCR) said Thursday.

  • Malnourished Somali children cry inside a paediatric ward at the Banadir hospital in Mogadishu
    Somalia famine yet to reach its peak: UN

    September 01 2011 1:56 PM EDT

    Food will be increasingly scarce in famine-struck southern Somalia until next year's harvest, the head of the United Nations refugee agency (UNHCR) said on Thursday.

  • Eid al-Fitr
    Eid al-Fitr 2011: How the Muslim World Celebrated

    August 30 2011 12:49 PM EDT

    Eid al-Fitr marks the end of Ramadan, the holy period in Islam when devotees fast during the day. On Tuesday, Muslims across the globe celebrated, but in Syria, Somalia and Libya, the atmosphere was not completely one of joy.

  • Rebel fighters show victory signs as they hold a Kingdom of Libya flag at the Tunisan border post of Ras Jdir
    Gadhafi Offers Talks to Transfer Over Power: Report

    August 29 2011 4:55 PM EDT

    Ibrahim said he was in Tripoli and had seen Gadhafi on Friday.

  • Somalia
    The Somalia Famine: 5 Things to Know

    August 19 2011 5:23 PM EDT

    The ongoing famine in Somalia is being called the worst humanitarian crisis.

  • Erdogan in Somalia
    Somalia Famine: Turkish PM to Open Embassy in Mogadishu

    August 19 2011 3:49 PM EDT

    Prime Minister Recep Erdogan visited Somalia in a much-needed display of support for a country where over 12 million people are at risk of famine.

  • General view of the Tema oil refinery near Ghana's capital Accra
    Somaliland in port deal with China businessmen

    August 19 2011 1:43 PM EDT

    Somaliland has struck a deal with Chinese businessmen to extend its Berbera port as well as TO build a refinery and new roads in the breakaway northern enclave, its president said.

  • Joint Chinese-Indian Oil Tanker Patrols Possible?

    August 19 2011 1:22 AM EDT

    Aside from cost, the major problem for oil importing countries is getting the purchases safely home. Essentially, there are only two options - pipelines and maritime transport. Both are vulnerable to attack and this is increasingly preoccupying Chinese leaders, especially as, according to China's Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, China's dependence on imported oil rose to 55.2 percent for the first five months of 2011, surging to 9.61 million barrels per day.

  • A malnourished Somali child looks into the camera inside a paediatric ward at the Banadir hospital in capital Mogadishu
    Britain says 400,000 Somali children at risk of death

    August 17 2011 2:09 PM EDT

    Britain said on Wednesday that hundreds of thousands of children could starve to death in Somalia if the international community did not ramp up its response to the famine there.

  • Tanzania inflation jumps, upward momentum seen

    August 15 2011 12:47 PM EDT

    Tanzania's inflation rose for the ninth successive month in July on the back of higher food and energy costs and analysts said it was set to keep rising due to a poor supply outlook for staple foods and the cost of importing oil.

  • Geediyo Mohamed Abdi, a displaced Somali mother, sits next her children in Banadir hospital in Mogadishu
    Eyewitness Accounts of Horrors of Life in Somalia

    August 15 2011 9:50 AM EDT

    The following are excerpts of eyewitness accounts to the suffering in Somalia, as recorded by HRW researchers:

  • A displaced Somali prepares to serve food at a camp in Hodan district in capital Mogadishu
    All Sides to Blame in Somalia Crisis: Human Rights Watch

    August 15 2011 9:29 AM EDT

    Beset by famine, civil war and terrorist militant groups, Somalia is enduring the worst crisis in Africa in at least 20 years.