Tornados sweeping through the Midwest and southeast have caused destruction and death. The violent storms have taken the lives of over 30 people in four states as people continue to search for survivors on Saturday.

USA Today is reporting that as of Saturday the death toll stood at 37. Tornadoes were reported in Kentucky, Indiana, Ohio, Alabama, Tennessee, Mississippi, Illinois, Georgia, North Carolina and Virginia. Currently the tornadoes took the lives of 19 in Kentucky, 14 in Indiana, three in Ohio and one in Alabama. Two hundred people are estimated to be injured from the string of storms.

On Fri. a twister ripped through Indiana, taking out the town of Henryville. What we know is we've got complete destruction, said India state police, Sgt. Jerry Goodwin to WISH-TV. We're going to deal with it the best we can. The town of about 2,000 suffered from 14 deaths, with many people still missing. Power remains out, forcing police forces to rely on thermal radar imaging and search-and-rescue dogs to search for the missing. According to CNN buildings were leveled, trees were uprooted, and a school bus was even tossed into a building.

Two days earlier tornadoes killed 13 people in the Midwest and south. The Weather Channel is stating that the storms are one of the most destructive tornado outbreaks for early March. It is believed that the storms could be the largest record for March with Saturday alone reporting 95 tornadoes in 10 alone.