Two days after extreme storms and twisters hit parts of the Midwest and South, the tornado path is predicted to return for a second round of severe activity.

According to the latest report from NOAA's Storm Prediction Center, severe thunderstorms are projected to affect southern Indiana, central Kentucky and northern middle Tennessee beginning late Friday afternoon.

Residents in Alabama, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Mississippi and Ohio have also been warned to brace themselves for tornado activity.

The death toll from the first round of tornado-producing storms is now at 13, as reported by Reuters. 35 confirmed tornados ravaged the Midwest and South late Tuesday to Wednesday.

Tomorrow looks like it's going to be another bad day for severe weather. All the parameters are coming together -- humidity, wind shear, a very strong jet stream, meteorologist Henry Margusity told Reuters on Thursday.

Damage from Friday's impending weather activity could be more deadly as well, as nighttime tornadoes are usually stronger than daytime ones, experts told CBS News.

For updated information on Friday's tornado path, visit the NOAA's Storm Prediction Center.