Nikki and Brie Bella, the titular twins on “Total Bellas,” have just dropped an intense sneak peek at the season finale that is set to air this Wednesday night.

It seems that the misunderstanding between the sisters will get more serious and things will get blown out of proportion. Fortunately, Nikki’s boyfriend, John Cena, will be there to save the day.

In the late hours of Tuesday night, Nikki and Brie took the chance to share a post from the official "Total Bellas" Twitter account on what will go down between the two of them in the finale episode. The clip shows the twins having a conversation in a bedroom, where Brie could also be heard telling Nikki: “I don’t want you to ever bring up Bryan again to me.” Upon hearing her sister’s words, Nikki’s countenance stiffens as though she’s about to retort with aversion.

The clip is captioned: “#TotalBellas is going to get intense tomorrow. Are you ready for the season finale #BellaArmy?” To think that things will be pretty “intense” in the finale is actually sad news for fans of the twin wrestlers who are hoping that they could patch things up after their explosive argument over Bryan last time.

It isn’t clear if the Bella twins are going to conclude their quarrel tonight. What’s pretty clear at this point is that Nikki’s boyfriend, John Cena, will come to save the day — at least on Bella’s end. In an exclusive sneak peek from E! News, the WWE wrestler, rapper and actor could be seen arriving at Kathy and Johnny’s wedding. Upon his arrival, he is greeted with kisses by Nikki, who might have just had that hostile conversation with Brie.

After giving her man a kiss, Nikki tells John, “I’m happy you’re here.” The exclusive preview then shows Nikki telling the camera, “You have no idea how happy I am that John is here.” Explaining why she’s moved by her lover’s presence, Nikki gushes that Cena just brings her happiness because “he’s my rock” and “makes all the dark clouds go away and all the bad feelings.”

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