"Total War: Rome 2" is an upcoming large-scale RTS developed by The Creative Assembly exclusively for PC. "Total War: Rome 2" will be released on Sept. 3, and pre-orders are currently being accepted. We have some additional information to share regarding "Total War: Rome 2," which is being showcased at E3 2013. It's a direct sequel to "Rome: Total War," which was released in 2004.

Like previous "Total War" games, "Total War: Rome 2" revolves around massive military battles waged during the point in human history when the Roman Empire had a big say in world affairs. The gameplay we saw featured a battle between the Romans and the Egyptians. Among the units you'll get to play with in "Total War: Rome 2" are war elephants, trebuchets, ballistas, various naval vessels, javelin throwers and much more.

Check out "Total War: Rome 2" in action below, exclusively for PC.

What do you think of "Total War: Rome 2?" Will you be getting "Total War: Rome 2?" Why or why not? What "Total War: Rome 2" features intrigue you most? What aspects of "Total War: Rome 2" are you looking forward to most? Sound off in the comments below.