As Kate Middleton settles into her new role as the Duchess of Cambridge, she may seem like such a natural that people forget she did not grow up as a royal. Her hometown is far removed from the pomp and circumstance of Buckingham Palace, and perhaps one of the last places anyone would look to find the next Queen of England.

Kate's sleepy town of Bucklebury, population just over 2,000, is an hour's drive southwest of London along narrow, winding roads that may or may not be blocked by crossing geese.

The parish is a small, wealthy hamlet with huge stone houses and enormous plots of land filled with trees that afford its residents some privacy from the hordes of tourists who have flocked to the village after the wedding.

Camera men, reporters and tour companies have capitalized on Bucklebury's recent fame, and a number of tour buses have made a business of shuttling tourists around to all of Kate's former haunts.


Kate on her way to Buckingham Palace (REUTERS/ Dylan Martinez)

The tour takes people past St. Andrews Prep School, where Middleton received much of her secondary education. The tour passes the school, but can't stop because it is on private property.

Groups then enter Stanford Dingley and stop at The Old Boot, a tavern the royal couple has been spotted at during their visits to the town.

The tour ends with a drive past St. Andrews church in Bradfield, where Kate was baptized, then on towards the Middleton's current home- Oak Acre. Once again, the tour bus cannot stop so guests must be quick with a camera if they want to get their shot of the new Royal's old home.

Morton's Tours started at $16 (£9.90) for adults, and $12 (£4.70) for children, but prices have risen to £35 ($56) each because of the tour's popularity- especially among foreign tourists.

While Bucklebury is experiencing its 15 minutes of fame, Morton's expects the village will quiet down again after the novelty has worn off and the residents grow tired of American tourists trouncing through their churches and pubs.

Here's a quick video tour:


The Village of Bucklebury (REUTERS/ Toby Melville)

Kate's parents at their home- Oak Acre. (REUTERS/ POOL New)

The Old Boot Inn (REUTERS/Kieran Doherty)