Chinese state media reports that a tourist bus overturned in southern China Sunday afternoon, killing 10 people and injuring an additional 33.

The bus, carrying 49 people, was near a village in Yongshun County, Hunan province, when the bus flipped over. The bus may have blown a tire on the highway, causing it to overturn into a ditch.

Those injured were rushed to nearby Zhangjiajie City for treatment.

Local authorities are investigating the cause of the accident. The nationalities of the passengers hasn't been released.

China's roadways are notoriously dangerous. According to the World Health Organization, road-related accidents claim an estimated 100,000 lives annually, with an additional half a million injuries. On Oct. 7, a bus and car collided near the northern port city of Tianjin killing 35 people, most of whom were students returning for a week-long vacation.