Sisterly love. Amid all the drama with “The Real,” Tamar Braxton still has the support of her sisters. Towanda Braxton recently shared a photo collage of her and Tamar on Instagram, writing a sweet message about the “Love and War” singer.

On Wednesday, Towanda dedicated her #WCW (Woman Crush Wednesday) post to her younger sibling, writing: “#WCW is my beautiful sis @tamarbraxton, just because she’s so BEAT & UNBOTHERED! Love me some TayMonster, & so very proud of all that you have done & are going to do! #WeAreTheBraxtonsAndYoullSee #WeStayWinningEvenWhenYouDontKnow #ItsInOurBlood #CantStopABraxton #SoProudOfMySissy #NothingBeatsFamily.”

The message comes just days after “The Real” announced that Tamar wouldn’t be returning as co-host for Season 3. As previously reported, the daytime talk show and Tamar released a joint statement calling her departure a “mutual decision.” It also said that she was leaving so she could focus on her music career. “Everyone associated with ‘The Real’ appreciates Tamar’s efforts and the contributions she has made to the show’s success,” the statement continued. “And we wish her all the best for the future.”

In a cryptic Instagram post Saturday, the 39-year-old singer and TV personality hinted at some drama, writing that someone she had “stupidly trusted” stabbed her in the back. There also have been reports that Tamar was fired, and her exit came as a complete shock to everyone.

All week, Tamar’s co-hosts have been reaching out to her to offer their support. On Tuesday, Loni Love posted a Facebook video telling fans that she learned her friend was leaving via a text message. “I got a group text from Tamar. She says I think I heard I’m being fired … I woke up from my nap, and I answered about an hour later. I immediately called her. I said, ‘What are you talking about?’ She didn’t pick up. I ended up texting her asking what was going on,” Love said. “My concern is for Tamar. I’m trying to give her some time, but I will not stop calling her. I will not stop trying to get in touch with her. It’s just devastating for all of us. I still don’t what happened.”

The comedienne said she tried to get answers on what happened, but the executives wouldn’t give her any details. “They told me it was none of my business, because that’s between Tamar’s management and them,” she explained. “When we wrapped Season 2, we had a photo shoot; Tamar was part of that. There was no indication that Tamar was going to be let go.”