Tracy Granger said when her pickup truck took a 350-foot plunge down an icy mountainside in the Angeles National Forest she had to use telepathy to get help.


Tracy Granger, 56, survived a 350-foot plunge down an icy mountainside. Photo credit: Screenshot from KTLA 5 report

The 56-year-old was en route from Pasadena to Juniper Hills in the Palmdale area on March 25 when her vehicle hit an icy patch and took the plunge. The truck landed right-side-up, and Granger managed to escape the vehicle with the intention to climb, but she saw that she was too far down. Moreover, Granger neck and pelvic fractures along with a couple of broken ribs.

Granger usually uses the Angeles Crest Highway to Angeles Forest Highway when she makes the weekly visit to her family. She had called her husband less than two hours before, notifying she was heading home after the visit to her aunt and uncle.

She told KTLA 5 that she decided to try telepathy.

I sat down and I said out loud, 'Lee, I've overdue. Something has happened. Figure it out,' Granger said.

Hypothermia then set in and Granger fell asleep. Searchers later found her body and vehicle about nine hours after her husband reported her missing.

Sgt. Andrew Nagel told the Los Angeles Times that deputies saw a tool box as they were walking along the ridgeline.

They got some binoculars, looked and then found her way down at the bottom of the canyon there, up against a tree, Nagel said.

Granger told KTLA 5 that she didn't know how close she came to dying in the accident.

And I am so deeply grateful to them for not giving up and for fighting for me and for me being here, Granger said.