Leaked rumor reports from the Chinese Apple Daily suggest Apple is set to launch the Apple media tablet - aka the Apple Media Pad - in September, with analysts and traders agreeing.

Apple Daily reported on Tuesday that Wintek has sealed a contract for the touchscreen device’s display, while Dynapack ITC will be supplying the battery. The paper goes on to describe the device as having a 10-inch display and 3G connectivity, tipping its launch at the same time as Apple’s iPod refresh in September.

Jason Schwarz, chief options strategist at Lone Peak Asset Management, said Steve Jobs will be back on stage in September to introduce the new Apple product for the holiday season.

This media tablet will accomplish three things without cannibalizing the Macs: First it will be an e-reader that serves as a newspaper/magazine/book replacement, second it will be even more ideal than the iPhone for those who want to play games, watch movies, and use the apps from the app store, and third it will usher in a new era of video communication over the 3G network, he told IBTimes.

Shwarz also predicts that iChat will be included and that its use will steadily become mainstream.

The Media Tablet will grow market share at a rate that surpasses the current generation of netbooks, he said.

This stock could easily hit $200 a share by January 2010 and then reach $300 by January 2011, he added.