A group of hung-over men and a couple of horrible bosses couldn't compete with the Autobots and Decepticons as the Transformers: Dark of the Moon held onto the first place for the second weekend, even doing better than its last installment.

On Sunday, Dark of the Moon became 2011'a top-grossing movie, surpassing The Hangover Part II. Box Office Mojo numbers show that Dark of the Moon has a two-week gross total of $261 million while Horrible Bosses opened to approximately $28.1 million.

Transformers fell some 52 percent to an estimated $47 million. It was a higher second weekend gross than those for Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, demonstrating that Dark of the Moon is maintaining interest at a higher rate than its predecessor, Transformers 2, according to Box Office Mojo.

Horrible Bosses did however, prolonged the winning streak for R-rated comedies this summer, while Zookeeper came in third.

Horrible Bosses' estimated $28.1 million is the top-grossing opening ever for a dark/black comedy, beating out The Stepford Wives remake. Horrible Bosses beat cast members Jason Sudeikis' and Charlie Day's Summer 2010 project, Going the Distance, and also The Switch starring Jason Bateman and Jennifer Aniston.

Cars 2 dropped to a stable number 4 spot after dropping 42 percent to $15.2 million. It has grossed $148.8 million thus far.

Cameron Diaz's Bad Teacher came fifth with $9 million, giving a three-week total of $78.7 million. The total is more than three times its estimated production budget.