Director Spike Lee recently posted on his Twitter account a Sanford, Fla., address that was erroneously linked to George Zimmerman, the man who claims he shot and killed unarmed teenager Trayvon Martin in self-defense, which local police have cited as the reason for not arresting him.

Zimmerman's current whereabouts are unknown, as he has reportedly gone into hiding out of fear for his life, and many of those outraged by the 17-year-old Martin's death have demanded his arrest.

On March 23, Lee, who has nearly 250,000 followers on Twitter, retweeted a post from user Marcus D. Higgins (@Maccopone) that listed an address which Higgins identified as Zimmerman's place of residence.

Why is George Zimmerman Still FREE? WTF? wrote Lee in his Twitter post along with the erroneous address.

The address turned out to belong to an elderly couple, David and Elaine McKlain, unrelated to Zimmerman. Mrs. McKlain had a son, William George Zimmerman, 41, from a previous marriage, and who had once been registered to vote at the address in 1995, the Smoking Gun reported.

The McKlains have since left their home temporarily to avoid media attention and those seeking out Zimmerman.

The residence is not located in the Retreat at Twin Lakes gated community where Martin was visiting his father and later killed while walking on the sidewalk. Zimmerman had appointed himself head of the neighborhood watch in the community, which would require his residency in it, though no record of it has been made public.

Twitter user PuyallupCoug (@PuyallupCoug) responded March 27 to both Lee and Higgins, suggesting that they delete the posts.

You should redact this tweet, it's an incorrect address, the Puyallup wrote.

As of March 28, the posts remain on Twitter.