Trick Daddy went on a rant on his Instagram account about white and Spanish women replacing black women. The rapper warns black women in the U.S., and asks them to "tighten up."

“These Spanish, these white h---, they just started getting finer than a m-----------,” he said in a video shared on his social media account Tuesday. “Y’all black h--- better tighten up. I’m telling you, tighten up. Y’all doing all that extra s--- for nothing. You not achieving nothing, b----. You get y’all a-- done, ya t------ done, ya paying $150 to get your makeup done just to go to a local club, b----. Tighten up, h--. These Spanish and these white h--- getting very spiffy on y’all. They f--- around and learn how to fry chicken you h--- is useless.”

Several social media users considered Trick Daddy's comments completely sexist and racist.

This is not the first time Trick Daddy has ranted on social media. In August, the “I’m a Thug” rapper slammed DJ Khaled’s former artist Nino Brown.

“Somebody let that f--- n---- Nino Brown know he can’t go nowhere in Dade County,” Trick said. “Your b---- a-- better move to Georgia or Mississippi somewhere. Let me catch you in front of my house doing a video, with all them prop guns.”

Below are some responses by Twitter users.