Did you miss the fourth episode of HBO's True Blood? Don't shed those tears, we have a recap you can sink your fangs into.

Pam rescues Tara from getting a serious case of skin cancer

True Blood's third episode ended with new vampire Tara figuring out a way to meet her true death...UV-rays at a tanning booth. Fortunately before the episode fans also saw a softer side of Pam when she realized that the vampire she created was trying to off herself.

Leave me along I'm done with you, a very fried (and gooey) Tara bellowed at Pam, You have no right. As stubborn as Tara was as a human, girlfriend might be even more stubborn as a vampire. She recloses the tanning bed, continuing her painful screams. As True Blood fans know though, Pam doesn't take sh*t from anyone. As your commander do not try it again, ever, Pam says, looking annoyed. The tanning bed shuts off as Tara replies, God damn it.

You're the f***in' angel of death
After telling Alcide about killing Debbie and being called the f***in' angel of death by Lafayette, Sookie is ready to turn herself in. I killed Debbie Pelt, she tells her brother Jason, asking him to arrest her.

Shut your mouth, I don't want to hear another word, Jason tells a hysterical Sookie. Ain't no way I'm going to put you in jail. While he seems ready to forget the whole Debbie Pelt situation, upon hearing of Tara's vampire fate, Jason seems to be reconsidering what his sister is telling him.

Congratulations, you're a grandfather

Eric and Bill are finally free and on the hunt to find Russell Edgington...the only problem is that they don't know where to look.  What the new best friends do know is that only four of them knew where Russell was buried - Bill, Eric, Alcide and Pam. Since Alcide was the one that informed Bill and Eric that someone dug up Russell that only leaves Pam as a suspect.

Eric and Bill are waiting for Pam in Fangtasia when she returns with Tara, the UV ray survivor. As expected, Eric asks why Tara is there. Uh she's mine...I made her vampire while you were gone, Pam says nonchalantly. Congratulations, you're a grandfather.

Eric Vs. Pam: You're a Fool, I trust no one

Eric has Pam in bloody tears when he brutally slams against her against a table, commanding her to stop lying about being a traitor. Of course Pam denies the allegations, but the breach of trust in Pam and Eric's relationship left True Blood fans shocked.

We spent a century together and never once did I do anything to hurt you, hurt us, Pam says wiping tears from her face. You're my maker Eric. I would die gladly a thousand times for you.

As expected, Eric's feelings have changed. You're a fool, he tells her. I trust no one.

Alcide reveals Debbie's fate to her parents

Upon learning that it was Sookie behind Debbie's death, True Blood fans were wondering what exactly the werewolf would do next.  Turns out the next morning he went straight to Debbie's parents to tell them the truth - that former pack master Marcus killed Debbie.

Terry's Iraq Flashbacks

Terry is off to South Dakota with Patrick to find one of their dangerous old war buddies. While it has never really been revealed what Terry experienced while in war, viewers kind of get a glimpse in a flashback he has during the drive.

In the flashback to Iraq, Terry and his fellow soldiers are drinking and having a good time on the fourth of July when things go awry. A civilian gets killed and hostiles attack. When the soldiers get rid of the hostiles, they realize a group of civilians got killed in the process.

The Debbie Pelt case gets the coffin lid put on it

Debbie's parents might have heard what they needed about their missing daughter, but Andy realizes that something fishy is going on. As Andy tells Jason that he is going to get a search warrant to investigate every piece of land surrounding Debbie's car, Jessica swoops into the police station to save the day.

Jessica glamour's Andy, telling him to forget the Debbie Pelt case - even forget the name Debbie Pelt.

Eric and Pam's heart-to-heart

Now that Pam is caught up on Eric's mission to kill Russell for the Authority, the vampire is ready to stand by her maker's side and fight. The only problem is that Eric realizes that he doesn't want anything to happen to her. To ensure that Pam, his one legacy, remains safe, Eric must release her from his command. I want you to live when I'm gone, he tells her in an emotional moment.

The fairies are back in Bon Temps

Andy and Jason accept an invitation for a night out with the Judge (after Andy cleared his son of charges). Turns out that their night out is at a fairy club. This is the first time this season that the magical creatures have made an appearance in the wild town of Bon Temps.

Lafayette is working some bad magic ju-ju

Last season fans saw the evil face of magic that took over Jesus' face. Since Jesus and his magic are gone at the hands of Lafayette, the evil magic and it's form have consumed him. Viewers saw the face last week when he poured a bottle of bleach in a pot of stew, only to catch his reflection and dump out the pot. This week Lafayette had no reflection to make him aware of his doings. Looking at Sookie's car and feeling his current dislike for her, Lafayette's magic tampered with her car. As Sookie lost control while driving home, she jumped out of the car just moments before it wrapped itself around a tree.

Alcide visits Sookie with news

As Sookie is getting drunk as a skunk, she gets a visit from Alcide. I told Debbie's parents, he warns her, as she sits up, prepared to go to jail. The werewolf then proceeds to tell her that he lied to protect her (not mentioning Marcus). While their relationship will obviously be strained, it seems like Alcide is willing to put the past behind them as he accepts an invitation for drinks.

 Traitors within the Authority

While Nora is suspected (and admitted) to being a traitor, the Authority realizes that more traitors might lie in their midst. It turns out that another traitor does exist - 9-year-old Vampire Authority member Alexander Drew. A video of Alexander Drew killing a human is discovered on his computer. It was also revealed that he sent the video to enemies of the Authority. Without a second thought, the 9-year-old is staked, meeting the true death.

Hadley Returns

Sookie and Jason had a cousin named Hadley. The cousin was formerly mixed up with the Queen of Louisiana, but after disappearing for multiple seasons, Hadley has returned - in the fairy land. Hadley, like Sookie, has fairy blood in her. Hadley had taken her son into the fairy world to seek refuge from the vampires. Upon seeing Jason at the fairy club, she urges him and Sookie to do the same.

Bill and Eric Find Sookie

Bill returns back to his mansion to see Jessica and look for a possible bug that has been recording his conversations. While he doesn't find a bug, he does learn from Jessica that Sookie is having a tough time. Bill goes to Sookie's house, but looking through the window it doesn't seem to Bill that Sookie is struggling.

After having a couple drinks with Alcide, Sookie and the werewolf start hooking up, oblivious to the fact that two of her former vampire lovers are outside looking in.

It's then that Bill suggests to Eric that the way to find Russell is through Sookie. While Eric wisely suggests that she wants nothing to do with the two of them, it seems that Bill doesn't care.

I don't think we give her the choice, he says coldly.

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