At the end of every episode of HBO's True Blood, you can't but think That was crazy. Next week's episode, Hopeless, looks like it will be adding onto the insanity.

At the end of episode five, Let's Boot and Rally, Sookie, Alcide, Eric and Bill found Russell Edgington regaining his health in an abandoned asylum. Bill and Eric are on strict orders (and a strict time budget) from the Vampire Authority to destroy Russell, but obviously the former vampire king isn't going to go down easy.

Episode six of season five promises to pick up just where Let's Boot and Rally left off - with Alcide screaming and being dragged away.

Sookie Is Always The Damsel In Distress

With Alcide being dragged off into the unknown by a mysterious person (or creature), Sookie is somehow left alone with Russell, who unfortunately for her, seems almost back to his powerful ancient evil vampire state.

Just what the doctor ordered, Russell says while backing Sookie up into a corner, My tree fairy vixen. Baring his fangs, we can only assume that Sookie will get away from his grasp (and bite) with the help of her microwave powers.

Hoyt And Jessica: Their Love Saga Continues?

You still care about me, Hoyt cockily tells her in Fangtasia. He's still wearing the ridiculous hipster goth wardrobe from episode 5, so it's safe to say that Jessica and Tara ended their fight over draining Hoyt.

If a reunion is in the works between the two, it doesn't look like it will be long lived. Outside of Fangtasia a fanger is wounded by a gun shot from a hate group and then dragged into a van. Judging from the image of Hoyt sprayed with blood, it looks like Jessica might be the hate group's next victim.

Andy On The Hunt For Shooters

In Let's Boot And Rally we learned that a hate group is targeting and killing shifters. It looks like Andy is finally on the right trail because he's headed to the same weapons store Sookie went to for protection against vampires.

People want to protect themselves from monsters, the store clerk tells Andy. Judging from last week's shooting of Luna and Sam and this week's clip of them yelling Die fangers! it doesn't look like this specific hate group is trying to protect themselves.

Terry And The Fire Monster

After seeing their friend burn up at the hands of the fire monster, Terry and his war buddy Patrick are finally realizing that something is coming after them.

If I stay with you, you will die, Terry tells Arlene. With a new baby in their house, I doubt that Arlene is going to let Terry get away without a fight.


It's finally happening after all this time, Nora says in her cell, sounding like a crazy person. Thank you, Lilith. Nora's crazy person outbursts are said in front of Eric, and judging by the expression on his face he has no idea what she is talking about. Eric will know Lilith, the first vampire, soon though, because she is expected to make an appearance this season on True Blood.

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