"True Blood's" fifth season is eight episodes in and the blood is flowing freely. Take a look at some key moments in Sunday night's episode of HBO's hit series "True Blood."

Sam and Sam

We all know that Luna is a shifter, but last season she also slipped that she was like Tommy Merlotte,  in that she can shift into humans - more specifically Sam.

While one hate group member has been arrested in connection to the shifter shootings, Luna is still livid. Her anger over the hate group caused her to shift into Sam, making her interactions with her lover pretty hilarious.

As Luna turns into Sam, the real Sam is at the police station using his own interrogation techniques on the hate group member Andy arrested.

Eric Loses His High, Bill Maintains His

After their bloody rendezvous with Lilith at an engagement party, the vampires head back to the Authority to soak in their high.

"What the hell just happened," Eric asked, getting an answer he wasn't looking for. "She appeared to us. We were in the presence of god."

While Bill always seems to be the level headed one, it's him who fails to follow Eric in realizing that they have a serious problem on their hands with this uprising.

With Eric disappearing, Bill gets called by Salome who has brought him a gift...a human.

Initially refusing to feed off the innocent woman that Salome has tied up, a flashback causes Bill to rethink his situation. In the flashback, Bill, already a vampire, goes to visit his ill daughter who hasn't seen her father since she was a child. She begs for immortality, pleading that she can feel herself rotting, but Bill refuses. It's that flashback that changes his mind, causing him to follow Salome in biting into the innocent woman to feed.

Jason Talks Sookie Down

"Get out of me," Sookie yells, trying to use powers up. Unfortunately she gets a little too into trying to wipe out her microwave hands, and accidentally uses them on Jason.  Her brother really seems to be stepping it up this season though, taking an interest in Sookie's well being. Sookie tells Jason that she's "tired of being a freak," but Jason makes her remember the good times her power has brought her - Bill.

Hoyt And Jessica Reunited...Sort Of

Hoyt thought he was just blowing off some steam when he told his new hate group buddies about Jessica. The hate group took their newest members words about Jessica very seriously though, kidnapping and chaining her up with silver at their house. "Don't get cold feet," they tell Hoyt about staking her. "It's not murder. She's already dead."

The hate group senses Hoyt's uncertainty about staking his ex-girlfriend, telling him "It's gonna help you heal." Hoyt gets locked in the room with Jessica and the gun, using his power over her to finally get some answers on their relationship. While Jessica's answers are ones he doesn't want to hear, Hoyt doesn't pull the trigger...exactly. One of the hate group members unlocks the door after hearing a gunshot, only to have his neck snapped by Jessica. Jessica isn't free just yet though. Daylight causes the vampire to sit at the house while Hoyt walks for help. Before Hoyt can get far though, Andy, Sam and faux Sam appear to rescue her. Besides helping the vampire, Sam and faux Sam smell a mysterious sent of a large woman who eats cheeto's.

Meanwhile Hoyt becomes lost on his way to get Jessica help, and ends up getting a gun pulled on him by an unknown person.

Another Trip To The Fairies

After talking Sookie down from throwing away all her powers, Jason and his sister go to visit the fairies again. This time they're not leaving without answers. Claude and his sisters agree to meet Jason and Sookie at the bridge where their parents died to help Sookie discover what vampire killed them, and to show Sookie more of her powers. (We also learn that Einstein was half fairy.)

As the fairies help Sookie look into the past of the night her parents died, Sookie witnesses her parents death at the hands of the mysterious vampire. After biting into Mr. and Mrs. Stackhouse, the vampire rips through the car until he finds what drew him to the car...a band-aid with Sookie's blood on it. The vampire wasn't the only one on the bridge the night that they die though. Sookie sees her now deceased fairy godmother, Claudine, blasting the vampire with her microwave hands, shouting "Warlow, leave the girl alone." Unfortunately Claudine was too late to save Sookie's parents.

While Claudine's appearance was unknown and a shock, the bigger shocker is that Claudine knew the vampire who killed Sookie's parents - the mysterious Warlow.

Sookie's connection to the past must have triggered something in Warlow because the vampire's hidden face appears in the air in front of Sookie. "I'm coming for you, you are mine," he threatens her.

Lafayette Is Free, But Still Tangoing With Danger

Lafayette is free after a pretty intense encounter with Jesus' abuelo. The painful car ride home is temporarily relieved when he finds vampire blood in Jesus's car, and uses the blood to heal his previously sewn up lips. The V isn't the only thing helping Lafayette heal after his horrifying ordeal. Jesus appears next to him, gripping his hand and helping him move forward.

Jesus isn't the only spirit visiting Lafayette this episode. Arlene and Holly ask Lafayette for help in trying to convince Terry that an evil spirit has not cursed him. While the three of them originally thought that Lafayette would fake talking to the spirit that cursed Terry and Patrick, it turns out that the spirit was willing to talk, and she had some pretty grave words to say. The spirit told Lafayette she would be willing to lift the curse if Terry killed Patrick of vice versa. Patrick didn't wait to see Terry's reaction, sprinting off before anyone could really digest what the spirit wanted.

Alcide's Fight For the Pack

Last week we saw Alcide training hard with Rikki to fight JD over the pack leader title. This week we see that their work out routine changed to between the sheets.

Despite the serious training they did, it's no use for Alcide who forfeits after his opponent decides to kidnap a track star from a local college for them to hunt. Despite winning due to the forfeit, being called a drug addict and a "disgrace to all wolves," JD decides to still hunt the kid.

Running after the track star, JD catches him only to get jumped by Alcide. Hopped up on V, JD manages to have the lead on Alcide, about to take a rock to his head before Martha steps in to stop him. While Alcide's life may have been saved, JD warns him to "find yourself a new pack."             

Tara's New Slave

Last week Tara had a shocker at Fangtasia when her mother, Lettie Mae, visited to say some unkind words about her becoming a vampire. This week, Tara get's another unwanted visit from her past, a blonde girl named Tracy from high school.

Saying some nasty things to Tara (the nicest being 'Now you're a member of two minorities'), Tara retaliates not caring what comes out of her mouth. As usual Tara is reprimanded by Pam, but Pam has something else up her sleeves this time. Usually hard on her prodigy, Pam decides to let Tara have a small victory over Tracy.

"My mad face and my happy face are the same," Pam tells Tara, giving her Tracy as her unpaid food slave.

Stop The Mainstreaming

Eric has returned for Nora as Godric requested, but Nora is too far gone to follow him.

"The night [Godric] made us a family I swore to him I'd always protect you," Eric tells his vampire sister. While Godric may be Eric's Lilith, Nora fired back with "f--- Godric," prompting her brother to get physically aggressive with her.

Eric's not the only one losing his cool. Bill's last drink must have drove him over the edge, because he is right with the other vampires in putting an end to mainstreamers. As the vampires (except Russell and Steve Newlin who seemed to have hit it off) discuss gruesome ways to cut off mainstreaming, Bill interrupts with his own idea - Bomb the True Blood factories to force mainstreamers to feed.

"What are you doing?" Eric asks Bill. "Evolving," he responded.