“True Blood” usually has a 12-episode long season, but Anna Paquin’s pregnancy forced the HBO series to cut season six to just 10. But that hasn't stopped fans from welcoming new villains, new love and mourning an old favorite; and more goodbyes are coming as we inch toward the season six finale called “Radioactive” -- formerly “Save the Population” -- which is set to air at 9 p.m. ET on Sunday, Aug. 18.

TV Guide has posted a synposis of the episode that was leaked online:

“In the sixth-season finale, Jason feels a vampire attraction firsthand; and Bill finds that salvation isn’t free. Meanwhile, Sookie considers her future with Warlow as a new crisis poses a threat to humans and vampires alike.”

Thanks to the “True Blood” Wikia page, we know that newcomers James, Hido Takahashi, Violet, Dr. Overlark and Adilyn Bellefleur will be sticking around. The cast list also includes Nora who died in episode seven. While we won’t be sure until “Radioactive” airs, it’s possible that Nora could return in some form (think ghost Godric or a flashback). It could also be a mistake on the Wikia page, but Terry Bellefleur, another season six victim, is noticeably missing.

Episode 10 will also have some new faces; just how big their roles will be isn't yet known. Spoiler TV said “Radioactive” will feature a town meeting and will introduce “a nurse who takes blood samples, and two African American roles: a little girl and a religious woman.”

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