“True Blood” ended its fourth episode, “At Last” at light point on Sunday. After weeks of the HBO series teasing viewers with bits and pieces of information on the mysterious Warlow, the bad vampire was finally revealed to be Ben. So, who exactly is Warlow/Ben and what do we know about him?

The History Of Warlow And The Stackhouse’s

“True Blood” fans learned at the beginning of the series that Sookie and Jason were orphaned as children when their parents died in a flash flood. However, in season five the siblings discovered that their parents didn’t actually die in a flash flood, but instead at the hands of an evil vampire named Warlow.

Sookie’s faerie grandfather revealed in season six that one of his sons, John Stackhouse, made a binding contract with Warlow, promising the first fae-bearing female to him. That first fae-bearing female in the Stackhouse line ended up being Sookie.

Following the deaths of Sookie and Jason’s parents, Warlow was sent to another dimension for 20 years by Sookie’s faerie godmother, Claudine.

Lilith And The Fae

Just as Pam and Willa are Eric’s progenies, Warlow is one of the progenies of the original vampire, Lilith. (Yes, the same Lilith that's now possessing Bill.)  But before Warlow became a vampire, he was originally a fae. After Lilith turned him, he became a vampire/faerie hybrid and slaughtered Niall’s whole village, sparing him because he “couldn’t bear to kill a child.” Warlow becomes the first faerie/vampire in existence.

Special Powers

Being part faerie and part vampire, Warlow was able to trick Sookie and Niall into believing he was a regular faerie named Ben. As a hybrid, he’s able to possess both vampire and faerie abilities – like fangs, healing blood, ability to walk in the sun light, glamouring, super speed, strength, mind reading and the faerie ball of light.

Episode four, “At Last,” ended with Sookie seducing Ben and then threatening to kill him by faerie light point. And while many speculate that Warlow wants to hurt Sookie, Ben/Warlow’s Rob Kazinsky claims that his character doesn’t want that at all.

“You have to remember that everything that Ben says to Sookie in the previous three episodes is true,” Kazinsky explained to Access Hollywood. “He is not faking how he feels. He is not faking what he has said, he is being absolutely honest. However, coming and meeting a woman and saying, ‘Hi! We’re meant to get married. I killed your parents. I’m a vampire,’ is not gonna go down as planned.”

And while Warlow has been pegged as the season six new bad guy, Kazinsky insists that deep down he’s a good guy. “He came from a place of sheer goodness and he’s been corrupted by vampires to serve their needs, but at his core, he is just a fairy,” Kazinsky dished about the ancient creature. “That constant battle between light and dark for him is really, really powerful. And the other thing that you’ll see with Warlow is that the darker it is, the more he’ll struggle with that darker side of him.”

“He has a real genuine fascinating, adoration and love for Sookie,” the actor told TVGuide.com. “The reason that Warlow created the character of Ben was because nobody would give him a chance if he was Warlow and he needed Sookie to know and see the truth and develop her feelings on her own without the permutations that the main Warlow would bring.”

As for Bill and Warlow? The two will meet eventually and are said to strike up a “very interesting relationship.”

“True Blood” airs on Sundays at 9 p.m. EDT on HBO. What are your thoughts on Warlow/Ben? Let us know in the comments section.