True Blood
Jessica became a little thirsty in the fourth episode of the sixth season of "True Blood." HBO


All fangs are out in episode four of “True Blood.” Titled “At Last,” it picks up with Sookie and Ben running to Jason’s aid after he fainted -- but Ben’s not all that he seems to be.

Jason barely has a pulse, and while Sookie runs to call 911, Ben has other plans to revive him. In a shocking twist, Ben exposes his fangs and feeds Jason his blood.

Vampire(s) Down

While Ben is with Sookie, Niall is out on the property searching for a vampire and stumbles across Nora. Demanding to know what she knows of Warlow, Nora dishes out the scoop on Lilith. But an attempted attack on Niall finds her flying cross the yard thanks to his faerie powers. And unfortunately she finds herself right into the hands of the authorities.

Nora isn’t the only one to get captured by the authorities in episode four. Pam and Tara find themselves fighting once again after Tara tries to set Willa free from Eric’s grasp. Eric attacks Tara to get her to give up Willa’s location, and while Pam defends her, Pam reams her out later. Tired of constant lectures from Pam, Tara decides to take off on her own. In the few seconds Tara takes to speed off, Pam ends up getting ambushed by the authorities and taken to “camp.”

The Wolf Pack Attack

Sam gets Emma and Nicole into the safety of Lafayette’s getaway car, but the wolf pack is onto them. Alcide sends the pack to chase after them to kill Nicole, get back Emma, and potentially rid themselves of the problem that Sam has become.

Getting a nice head start on the pack, Sam sends Lafayette back to Merlotte’s in an attempt to save his life. Shifting into a horse, he takes Emma and an injured Nicole to a hotel where they can rest up and continue on the run from the wolf pack. Although Sam and Nicole just lost their loved ones, they find themselves hooking up at the hotel rather than resting.

‘The Camp’ Has Another (Unwilling) Camper

Eric, Tara, Pam and Willa temporarily sought refuge at Ginger’s place in episode three, and while they were able to escape, the same can’t be said for Ginger. Screaming in a panic when the Governor’s men march into her home, a confused and endlessly glamoured Ginger doesn’t give up Eric and Willa, and instead keeps stalling on the phone -- even though Burrell is right in front of her. Angry that Eric has managed to escape him again, Burrell sends Ginger off to the camp and slams his fist into a door.


Sookie, Niall and Jason quickly realize that Ben isn’t who he says he is. Sookie comes to the conclusion when she spots blood by the couch where Jason was lying, and thinks back to her brother doing 200-plus pull-ups on her bedroom doorframe. Meanwhile, post-Ben blood, Jason begins to have the usual sexy vampire dreams. Asking Niall about it, his faerie grandfather says that Ben could be the unthinkable -- a vampire who walks in the day -- Warlow!

Both parties don’t reveal the information they know, and instead decide to confront Ben on their own. Sookie’s tactic is to seduce Ben and invite him to dinner, while Niall decides that he and Jason are going to attack Ben when he’s unsuspecting. Believing Ben to be heading to take a shower, the two men break into his hotel room to kill him with Niall’s ball of light power. However, Ben is onto the pair and ready for them. Injuring Niall, he glamours Jason into forgetting everything he saw and tells him to say goodbye to Grandpa.

Doing what he’s told, Jason heads off, leaving a still-alive Niall in Warlow’s grasp. Pulling Niall up, Warlow begins sucking some of his blood, then spitting it out into the tub, presumably to make him weak. Taking him to the same bridge that held the portal he came through, Warlow tells Niall that they are kindred and that he will once again spare his life. Throwing him into the portal, Ben/Warlow tells Niall that if he survived in that portal for 20 years, he bet a king could survive longer.

Someone Needs A Faerie Godmother

Andy’s faerie kids are growing and continuing to get into trouble. Now preteens, they’re using their telepathic powers to read their family members’ minds -- including that of poor Uncle Terry who can’t stop thinking about killing his friend Patrick.

Andy sends his kids off to bed, but the ever-growing faeries continue their rapid growth and shift into teenage girls. Raiding their Aunt Arlene’s closet, they sneak out of the house in Andy’s cop car to buy beer. Little do they know that Bill and Jessica are watching them.

The faerie girls head to the liquor store followed by Bill and Jessica. While Bill initially was going to “persuade” the girls to get into his car, Jessica begs him to let her, telling Bill that she was their age when she was turned into a vampire and doesn’t want anything to happen to them.

Gaining their trust when she buys them beer, Jessica convinces the girls to head back to Bill’s house to party. While at Bill’s place, the girls seem to remain unharmed, with Bill only taking some vials of their blood for the doctor to re-create and map. However, things quickly escalate when the night gets dragged out a little too long.

Discovering his daughters have gone missing, Andy begins to search for them and finds his stolen car at the liquor store. Not getting any information from the clerk, Jason tips off Andy that the guy might be stupid -- or glamoured. Putting two-and-two together, Andy speeds off to Bill’s house.

Meanwhile, Andy’s daughters are getting fed up with hanging at the house with Jessica. Demanding to leave, all four of them storm the door that Jessica is blocking. And while Jessica didn’t want to hurt them, the smell becomes too overwhelming for her. When Bill arrives back upstairs after talking with the doctor, he finds Jessica surrounded by their lifeless bodies.

A New Vampire In Town

Eric finds Willa on the fairground at the same place where Tara dropped her off. Telling Eric she waited to talk to him, Willa once again enforces that she does not approve of what her father is doing. Eric asks if she wants to help, and Willa says yes, but it comes with a sacrifice -- her life.

“Death is not the end,” he tells Willa as he prepares for the vampire-making process. Laying down his shirt for her to rest on, Eric begins to feed on her. “You deserve to be one of us,” he tells her, taking her cross necklace and stabbing into his throat. With the blood flowing, she begins to feed, and once nighttime comes awakens as a vampire.

While Willa is initially happy with her decision to become a vampire, she becomes upset when Eric orders her to go to her father. “You did this to me to get back at him? You took my life,” she yells at Eric. “He was right, you’re a f---in’ monster.”

But Eric argues for her to prove to her father that she’s not a monster, but the same human who her father loved. “You are the second vampire I ever made,” Eric tells her. “I did not make the decision lightly.”

Heading over to see her father, Governor Burrell already has a woman there -- Sarah Newlin. It appears that Steve Newlin’s ex-wife is trying to become the next Mrs. Burrell, and Willa is standing in her way.

Governor Burrell clears the men out of his room when he lays eyes on his vampire daughter. “You have to stop persecuting us,” Willa tells her father. “If you still love me and care about me at all, you will call off your dogs ... shut down the camp.”

Seemingly getting through to her father, everything goes awry when she smells his injury from earlier. Attempting to bite him, Sarah Newlin quickly shoots Willa in the back, demanding that they send her to the camp.

Sookie’s Show

Cooking dinner for Ben, Sookie spikes his meal with something to get the upper hand. Showing up late with some flowers and wine, Sookie turns the dinnertime conversation to her ex-boyfriend, Bill. Explaining how she hates being lied to, Sookie asks Ben a simple question: “What is it about me that you want?”

“Everybody wants to be understood, right,” Ben tells her. “You found me on the side of the road, I knew you understood me. ... I knew it right away.”

The night shockingly gets steamy when the two start stripping off their clothes and hooking up. With Ben on top of her, Sookie gathers the faerie light in her hands. “Get the f--- off me or die, Warlow,” she warns him with the light continuing to grow.

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