Truebies invaded New York Comic Con on Friday for a chance to hear “True Blood” stars Kristin Bauer van Straten (Pam) and Lauren Bowles (Holly) speak. The actresses sat down to open up about their characters, favorite scenes over the past six seasons, and -- more important -- what’s going to happen in the seventh and final season of “True Blood.”

Season seven of “True Blood” unfortunately doesn’t start filming until January, so Bauer van Straten and Bowles didn’t have too much that they could reveal, but they divulged all they could for fans.

The actresses joked that the whole cast lives in fear of being killed off (unless you’re Anna Paquin). Explaining that Joe Manganiello and Stephen Moyer usually know everything about what’s going to happen, Bauer van Straten dished on what happened to her when she asked the writers what was in store for Pam in season seven. “You’re dying,” she said of some of the things they told her about the final season. “Big death in episode 1. Actually you die in a webisode before episode 1 -- and we’re going to use a double.”

While that is obviously not true (hopefully), the actresses did dish out some actual spoilers. New showrunner Brian “Bucky” Buckner is trying to bring “True Blood” back to what drew everyone to it in the first place -- small-town drama. He plans to do this by pairing the humans with the vampires, with “everyone forced to be together.”

Viewers saw a peak of that in the season-six finale, but one vampire was noticeably absent -- Pam. The vampire was off searching for her maker, Eric, but Bauer van Straten joked that even if she was around, she couldn’t picture her character going along with Sam Merlotte’s blood-for-protection plan. “I’m a free agent,” she teased of her character.

Meanwhile, Bowles said that she’d love for her character, Holly, to “get back to her Wiccan ways.” Her magic was a big part of her in season four, but slowly trickled off. “I think her faith is a big part of who she really is,” she said.

And will there be any love in Holly’s future? “I do have a feeling she’ll end up with Andy,” she revealed. “They can’t just kill everyone, right?”

As for how the stars like to see the series end? Bauer van Straten sneakily replied, “End it in such a way that you could do a movie.” Bowles agreed, and it appears as if the fans do as well because the Comic Con panel crowd erupted in cheers.

“True Blood” returns for its seventh and final 10-episode series next summer. What would you like to see happen? Let us know in the comments section.