Guys, we have some sad news: “True Detective” is three episodes away from its season finale. We know, we know! It feels like the HBO series just started. And although we’re sulking thinking about what we’re going to do on Sunday nights without Matthew McConaughey’s rants of wisdom and Woody Harrelson’s charm, we have to admit that there's a bright side: We'll finally find out who the Yellow King is.

And according to the leaked synopses for episodes 7 and 8, it seems that we won’t be learning who the mad man behind the satanic murders is until the very last moments of the season finale.

Episode 7, “After You’ve Gone,” will air on March 2, a week after we find out what caused Hart and Cohle’s falling out in 2002. The episode, written by creator Nic Pizzolatto and directed by Cary Jogi Fukunaga, is based around Hart and Cohle’s attempt to form a truce in order to uncover the truth of what happened to Dora Lange. In “After You’ve Gone” the duo will try to “probe a murky string of disappearances that tie to the symbology of the Lange murder and the Tuttle family.”

Here are the iconic symbols and recurring themes that the detectives are looking for:

-          Black stars

-          The Yellow King

-          The swirling spiral

-          Twig latticework

-          Deer antlers/Crown

-          Scars

Why are they trying to correlate Lange with the Tuttle family? Well, ever since Cohle met Reverend Billy Lee Tuttle (Jay O. Sanders), he’s had a funny taste in his mouth. And the sour flavor has gotten stronger as the season has progressed. When initially meeting Tuttle, he learned that the reverend planned to create a special task force that would focus on “anti-Christian crimes” to assist the investigation. As for Cohle, the more clues he comes across, the more he's able to link the killings to religion.

At the end of episode 5, Cohle returns to the abandoned school that had been owned by Tuttle, and he finds dozens of stick sculptures and drawings of black stars on the walls. Even more interesting is that Lange had attended the defunct religious school before running off with boyfriend Reggie Ledoux.

Although Cohle makes a convincing case, the season finale of “True Detective” will make you a bit dizzy from all the new information thrown at you. According to the synopsis for episode 8, “Form and Void,” Hart and Cohle will come across a new lead in their 17-year-old investigation when they realize they've overlooked a detail.

What detail could that be? We'll just have to wait until the season finale airs on Sunday, March 9. Make sure you tune in to “True Detective” Sunday nights at 9 p.m. to see if you can figure out who the Yellow King is before the detectives do.