“True Detective” has one episode left of the HBO series’ first season. And while were sad to say goodbye to our newest TV obsession, we’re pretty excited to find out once and for all who the menacing Yellow King is. This “hypothetical killer,” as Hart likes to call him, has been terrorizing women and children of Louisiana for nearly two decades. Now, Cohle and his former partner will have one hour left to bring justice to their hometown -- if they can put the random sputter of clues together in time.

The synopsis for the season finale of “True Detective,” “Form and Void,” hints that an “overlooked detail will provide Hart and Cohle with an important new lead in their 17-year-old case.” What detail could that be? We’re not exactly sure, but the reason the dynamic duo is overlooking blatant evidence is because they’re too busy holding Steve Garaci at gunpoint on his boat instead of getting closer to the “spaghetti monster.”

And for the first time ever, fans of the show are one step ahead of the former cops! Last night we found out who the “man with the scars” is during episode 7. We knew there was something fishy about Errol’s (the lawnmower man) unruly beard. At the end of “After You’ve Gone,” the HBO series revealed a shaved caretaker who was sporting burned marks all over his face. Not only did “True Detective” point out who the “spaghetti monster” was but they explained how Errol got the marks on his face.

“[That’s] Mr. Sam’s grandchild,” Tuttle’s former employee spoke of the man with scars. “His dad did it to him.” Could the Yellow King and his gang of masked horsemen be the entire Tuttle family? Last night we found out that the Tuttle line goes pretty far and wide. “My family’s been here a long, long time,” Errol said to himself about why he knows so much about the Louisiana coast.

This show gets eerie each week. But the season finale of “True Detective” takes the cake. Just see for yourself and check our episode 8’s promo! In the trailer for “Form and Void,” here’s what we learned:

A man with an accent will be confessing that “it’s been weeks since [he] left his mark.” Could the mark he’s referring to be the iconic swirl we saw on Dora Lange and Ladouex? Does our serial killer really have an accent? We do know one thing for certain, Carcosa definitely does not. “This is Carcosa,” the mysterious suspect said in the promo. “Take off your mask.” Is he claiming that Cohle and Hart are falsely perceiving themselves? We really hope that “True Detective” doesn’t end with the partners being the ones responsible for torturing Louisiana natives.

Speaking of torturers, we get a glimpse of one during episode 8’s promo. After a sign for Creole’s nature trail flashes on the screen, the trailer cuts to a scene of a shirtless man walking past a tied-down victim, whose muddy body shows that the person must have been there for quite some time.

True Detective season finale "True Detective" shows a glimpse of who is involved with the Louisiana murders. Photo: True Detective

Will Cohle and Hart ever connect the dots of the Yellow King murders? Well, they’re getting pretty close. Or else why would Detective Papania track down Hart to tell him to share the wealth.

“You know something. You’re obstructing,” the detective said.

“We don’t know,” Hart firmly replied. But that’s only half true. Although the partners haven’t been able to catch the “man with the scars,” they will get increasingly close to revealing the truth, especially when Hart questions a frightened woman during the season finale.

“He’s going to come for you,” the terrified woman said, clutching her arms to her body. “He’s worse than anybody.” It seemed Hart pursued her for more information and when she declined, he got rough, pointing a gun to her head.

Looks like the boys are serious about getting justice for the deceased and missing victims. That’s one of the reasons they dive head first in what appears to be Carcosa’s cave. Drawings of stick figures appear on the walls and a burst of light shines down from the man-made sunroof of the hideout. Will fans see Carcosa’s shadow through the rays? We have a feeling they just might.

What information did you get from the season finale promo of “True Detective”? Let us know if we missed anything; hopefully, we can try and figure out the truth out before the March 9 finale.