Did “True Detective” leave you tossing and turning all night after the HBO anthology aired its season finale? Although the final episode of Season 1 did answer many of our burning questions regarding the 17-year-old murder mystery, creator Nic Pizzolatto still left us yearning for more after he declined to address all our inquires.

From Audrey’s creepy drawings to the eerie clues hidden throughout the scenes, “True Detective” had fans scouring through Reddit threads trying to piece together the case. But nothing had our hands sweating more than trying to decipher when the beloved thriller would be returning to the small screen with a new plot.

According to rumors, Season 2 of “True Detective” won’t be returning to HBO until 2015. Reason being, Pizzolatto and Cary Joji Fukunaga need a break! The dynamic duo drained themselves completely creating one of the most popular shows on TV and now they need to rest. And we think they should take all the time they need, considering fans will be anticipating an even more thrilling drama to come out of the two artists.

Rumors have also implied that fans shouldn’t be expecting to kick off the new year with Season 2 of “True Detective.” Could that mean we’ll be waiting a year and a half for the anthology to return? Looks like it.

But that’s not all the gossip we have for you! According to reports, Pizzolatto has already hinted what he wants Season 2 to focus on. During a Twitter exchange with Lana Guineay, a fashion editor for ASOS, Pizzolatto accidentally leaked a clue about what to expect during the sophomore season, which eventually ended up being deleted.

“@friggenawesome One of the detriments of only having two POV characters, both men (a structural necessity). Next season…,” he wrote back on Feb. 23, 2014.

The creator of “True Detective” also told Entertainment Weekly during an interview that he hopes to bring back the cast from Season 1.

“It would be great if we could use some of the same actors, like a repertory company,” he explained. “It would be different characters, different setting. That’s part of the fun of anthology.”

Does that mean Michelle Monaghan, who played the role of Maggie, could be one of the detectives Pizzolatto previously mentioned? The actress proved to be one of the most alluring characters during the series, and we know we’d love to see her strong presence in a lead role.

What are your predictions for Season 2 of “True Detective”? Sound off in the comments section below.