Florida Sen. Marco Rubio may be getting under Donald Trump’s skin.

Following a strong debate performance Thursday night in which Rubio repeatedly attacked the Republican front-runner and drew raucous applause from a Texas audience, Rubio mocked the businessman at  a Dallas campaign rally for misspelling words in tweets meant to attack the Floridian — and Trump promptly deleted the evidence before rewriting with the vocab spelled right.

“You wanna have a little fun?” Rubio asked a crowd Friday morning, smiling fans behind him. “What does Donald Trump do when things go wrong? He takes to Twitter. I have him right here; let’s read some. You’ll have fun.”

Rubio smiled coyly and looked at his phone before reading tweets from earlier in the day in which Trump misspelled words in the middle of attacks on Rubio.

“Here’s the first one: lightweight Marco Rubio was working hard last night — this is true — the problem is, he is a ‘chocker,’” Rubio said, reading from Trump’s misspelled tweet, “and once a ‘chocker,’ always a choker — I guess that’s what he meant to say.”

Less than 15 minutes later, the tweet Rubio was reading from had been taken down alongside another in which the word “honor” was misspelled. They were replaced with identical tweets that had the words spelled correctly.

chocker tweet screenshot A screenshot of Trump's original Tweet. Photo: Tim Marcin/International Business Times


The Trump campaign did not immediately return phone calls for comment on this story.

Rubio is hoping to put up a strong challenge to Trump, who has won three out of the four nominating contests in the primary season so far, leading many to wonder if he can be stopped. The Floridian had, up until the Thursday night debate, mostly avoided attacking the bombastic Republican front-runner. He appears to be off to a good start after first frustrating Trump on stage in Houston Thursday while saying that he was repeating himself over and over again — a criticism leveled at Rubio by New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie afew debates ago. Trump largely failed to return the favor.