Are Matthew Perry and Courteney Cox more than just “Friends”? That’s what wishful fans of the long-running sitcom hoped for when the twosome, who portrayed the lovable characters Chandler Bing and Monica Geller on the hit TV series, where photographed together at a restaurant.

The duo was spotted catching up in West Hollywood over a bite to eat. But it wasn’t what the famous friends were munching on that caught the attention of fans, it was their Mondler-esque body language that raised some eyebrows. In a Chandler-like fashion, Perry sat starry-eyed, starring at his TV wife while resting his chin on his hand – a position that almost perfectly mimicked a scene from “Friends," according to a Twitter user:

But after starring at the image for a few minutes (because, duh, we’re long-time Mondler shippers), we noticed something a little off with the picture: Cox’s hand. On her left hand, the actress sported a sparkling band on her ring finger. And considering Cox recently ended her engagement to Snow Patrol band member Johnny McDaid in November, we began to question when the photo was actually taken.

After ending her 14 year marriage to David Arquette in May 2013, Cox began cozying up to the musician just a few months later. The couple announced the news of their engagement on Twitter in June 2014. However, the pair eventually called it quits, which is why fans thought the newly-single actress was on a date with her former “Friends” co-star. So, what's with the ring?

Well, BuzzFeed confirmed our suspicions, noting that the sweet photo was actually taken in March 2005 – nearly a year after “Friends” concluded its 10-season arc. A source dished to E! Online that the rumors were “completely false.” But, hey … a Mondler shipper can dream, can’t she?