Tunisian authorities have lifted an overnight curfew imposed in the capital city of Tunis 10 days ago.

Tunisia's interior ministry said the curfew has been lifted following an improvement in the security situation.

The curfew was ordered four days after the protests started asking for the resignation of the government. In the clashes, three people, including a military officer, were killed.

Interior ministry said in a report that special army and police units had engaged three armed terrorists in a gun battle Rouhia, 125 miles (200km) west of Tunis. The report further said that the two gunned men were killed and the third managed to escape. There was also a fatally wounded officer, but the other two soldiers survived the bullet wounds.

The interior ministry said the curfew was no longer necessary as stability had improved because of the 10 days of arrests and overnight raids.
Around 1,400 people have been detained and 300 charged with dangerous crimes since 7 May, reported by Reuters.

The police had used tear gas to disperse hundreds of demonstrators during one of the rallies earlier this month.

The recent protests were organized by supporters of former Interior Minister Farhat Rajhi, who is a vocal figure for the pro-democracy movement. The movement is angered by the slowness of the democratic reforms, and the poor working conditions for citizens.