The Spike network kept its momentum going on “Tut” during the miniseries’ second of three nights, debuting more jaw-dropping moments than Sunday’s premiere, starring Ben Kingsley and Avan Jogia. As the boy-king tries to maintain power within his kingdom, the ever-looming threat of an invasion gets closer and closer. 

With just the two-hour conclusion of “Tut” left to go on Tuesday night, Deadline reports that the Spike network reached a prime-time ratings high with the miniseries during night one, with  1.7 million viewers. 

“We are thrilled that ‘Tut’ resonated with viewers and delivered a big audience for Spike’s first scripted event series in almost a decade,” said Sharon Levy, Spike’s executive vice president for original series. “The big numbers are a testament to the hard work and creativity of the incredible cast and crew of ‘Tut.’ ”

Now that the miniseries is a bona fide hit, many may be hoping to catch “Tut” ahead of Tuesday’s conclusion, which promises to be a pretty epic finale to an already nail-biting series. To help make sure no one is left behind when the finale begins tonight at 9 p.m. EDT, below is a rundown of the biggest moments from the second night of “Tut.” 


Night one ended with Tut (Jogia) triumphantly riding back to the capital city of Thebes after his most trusted generals left him for dead when he was wounded on the battlefield. It’s no secret among the generals in the pharoah’s court that his death leaves a power vacuum that a military hero could easily fill. Night two opens with Tut’s best friend Ka (Peter Gadiot), who is also sleeping with Tut’s sister and wife Ankhe (Sibylla Deen), accepting the crown of pharaoh alongside Ankhe. That’s the moment Tut chooses to reveal himself to everyone at the ancient ceremony. Ka seems thrilled that his best friend is alive and immediately hands the crown he was about to accept back to its rightful owner. 

That’s when things take a dramatic turn. Tut looks his best friend right in the eye, calls him a betrayer and stabs him in the heart. It turns out that when General Horemheb (Nonso Anozie) left him for dead in night one, Ka was standing right there with him allowing it all to happen. Just like that, Ka was gone, Ankhe was alone and Tut was now the unquestioned pharaoh with a legacy founded on blood. 

Bigger Fish

General Horemheb still had to be dealt with, but unlike Ka, Tut couldn’t stab him on the spot. He was far too beloved by the people to disappear one day. Tut decides to hold a public execution for the beloved army leader so that the people know what the price of treason is in his kingdom. However, Horemheb’s loyal army subjects launch a daring escape plan; they try to exit the city armed and lead a revolt against the Pharaoh. Fortunately, Tut is no dummy when it comes to military strategy and manages to cut him off before he makes it out of the city. Just as things are starting to get violent, they’re interrupted by a Mitanni message. 

Earlier in the episode, the Egyptians had sent an envoy named Herit (Daniela Lavender) to the Mitanni in hopes of negotiating their warfare. The vicious army sent her back in one of the most gruesome ways imaginable -- with a spear impaled through her body coming out of her mouth. Suddenly, all of the infighting between Tut and General Horemheb was put aside as they joined forces to deal with the enemy beyond their walls. 

An Heir 

Before Ka died, he managed to get Ankhe pregnant with the child she needs in order to be the most powerful woman in Egypt. The mother of the pharoah’s heir is a safe spot for a woman in an otherwise unsafe world. Unfortunately, her previous attempts at pregnancy ended in miscarriages. With her king ready to take on a second wife, Suhad (Kylie Bunbury), it was more important than ever that Ka’s baby not only survive but be born a male. 

Unfortunately, thanks to what she believes is a curse from the gods due to her relationship with Ka, Ankhe has yet another miscarriage in the bathtub in one of the most dramatic scenes in “Tut” thus far. What made matters worse was simply that her rival, Suhad, was the only one there at the time and the audience got to watch her take her sweet time going to get the queen for help. 

Fire Power

There is a disease running rampant through Egypt and no one knows how to stop it or help those who contract it. The population of sick is getting unmanageable and the pharaoh has to make the difficult call to burn the sick alive rather than risk their illness spreading to the rest of the population. After all, they need as many able-bodied men to fight the Mitanni as possible. 

On the night when the evil deed will be done, Ankhe tells Suhad, who reveals she’s pregnant, that her family is among the sick that will be burned. She tells her that the only way to save them is to go down to the place where the sick are being kept and bring them back home. Unfortunately, it’s a trick and Ankhe is really just trying to ensure that Suhad is among those burned alive. With no baby to give her power, she cannot risk Suhad giving birth to an heir for Tut. The episode ends with Suhad passing out among the flames as people burn to death all around her. 

With the Mitanni on the way, Suhad possibly dead and Tut engaged in a tense partnership with a man who he knows wants him dead, night two closes on a tense note. To find out what comes next for the characters on “Tut,” fans will simply have to tune into the big finale on Tuesday at 9 p.m. EDT on Spike.