Now Twilight fans can relive the wedding of their favorite Twilight character Bella by buying the same wedding gown.

The wedding of Bella and Edward was one of the most anticipated scenes in the latest installment of Twilight saga Breaking Dawn Part 1. The wedding scene was a dream day for not only Bella but also for die-hard Twilight fans.

The exclusive Bella bridal gown - available in white or ivory and in sizes ranging from 0 to 30W - can be purchased from from Alfred Angelo store.
This beautiful sleeved-gown is made of satin with 100 button details featuring an especially sexy cut-out back with elegant lace embellishments.

the gown is actually the official replica of Carolina Herrera's bridal dress, which is made of silk.

And about the dress concept - Carolina Herrera mentioned at the L.A. premiere that her inspiration for the design came from Stephenie Meyer's novel.

Herrera said she tried hard to put all of Bella's natural beauty and personaity - believing in her first true love with the heart of innocence - into the wedding dress.

The price of the original Herrera gown has not yet been disclosed but the Angelo verion cost $799. One can also buy a replica of the hair comb and wedding ring Bella wore for reasonable prices.

Meanwhile, some people are unhappy with the price of the wedding gown and are skeptical whether it will be a hit with the teenagers. They say that considering the age of mojority of Twilight fans, even $799 can be expensive. What do you think? Will you buy Bella's wedding gown? Check out the official replica of Bella' wedding gown and wedding scene of film!