Twilight fans will be able to sink their teeth into the final film, Breaking Dawn Part 2 when it hits theaters this November, but to hold off the hunger we have a couple spoilers!

Since Twilight: Breaking Dawn Part 2 is based off of Stephenie Meyer's final installment of the series, Breaking Dawn, there isn't too much to spoil. But if you're curious how the final half of the book is going to translate in the film, we have the scoop!

Perez Hilton is reporting that Jack Morissey, Twilight director Bill Condon's partner, has dished on some juicy news. For starters, how Part 2 will begin.

Morissey explained that the second part of Breaking Dawn will either kick off with Bella running through the forest, or waking up and doing a back flip off the table. Whatever the scenario, new vampire Bella is going to be very energetic. 

Condon's partner also revealed that fans will see the hilarious scene in the book when Charlie sees Renesmee for the first time and realizes that she is Bella and Edward's child. Billy Burke's portrayal of Charlie in Part 1 made audiences laugh, and they are bound to do the same when they Renesmee puts a look of utter confusion on his face.

Poor Charlie will also take another mental beating in Part 2 when Jacob strips down in front of him. Can't wait for that awkward encounter!

As for fight scenes, fans will be happy to know that things will get physical when Bella learns that Jacob imprinted on Renesmee. According to Perez Hilton, both Jacob and Seth are in it and a fight takes place!

Morissey also dished on a couple new additions to the film as well. The Examiner reports that Bella is going to be the one in control this time, not Edward.

Bella is a vampire now, said Morissey. She is the once in control. [Fans of the series] will like this.

With Bella becoming a ferocious momma bear, fans will also see a soft side of Edward in Breaking Dawn Part 2 in a new scene when he and Renesmee play the piano together. More specifically, the duo will be playing a song that Edward wrote for his half-vampire baby.

The cast of Twilight will be at Comic-Con this weekend, so expect more sneak peeks and news soon!