Fans of the cult TV classic "Twin Peaks" have been anxiously waiting to receive some juicy news about the Showtime reboot, and it looks like a newly surfaced video will have everyone talking. Season 3 of the series recently began production in Washington state and it looks like the first footage from the set has found its way online.

On Saturday, TMZ posted a clip showing Kyle MacLachlan's character, FBI Special Agent Dale Cooper, filming outside with Sheryl Lee's Laura Palmer. It appears the duo was shooting on the steps of Laura's home. [Watch the video HERE.]

The short video has led to speculation that Laura might be alive on the Showtime reboot or the character will be featured in a dream-sequence.

Fans of the original "Twin Peaks," which aired for two seasons in 1990 and 1991, will remember that Laura was found dead in the pilot episode and it was eventually revealed that she had been living a double life. Even though everyone around her viewed her as a sweet little angel, Laura's secret diary told stories of how she suffered from child abuse and had a cocaine problem.

As previously reported, MacLachlan is the only confirmed cast member but it has been rumored that Amanda Seyfried, Peter Sarsgaard, Robert Knepper and Balthazar Getty have also landed roles on the reboot.

It was also recently reported that Michael Ontkean decided not to come back as Sheriff Harry S. Truman because the 69-year-old "retired" from acting. Instead, creators David Lynch and Mark Frost have reportedly tapped Robert Forster, 74, to step in. According to TVLine it's not clear if Forster will be the new Sheriff Truman or if a new role will be created for him.

The “Twin Peaks” reboot is slated to air the summer of 2017.