Since it was announced that “Twin Peaks” would come back as a Showtime series, 25 years after it first went off-air, fans have been eagerly anticipating the return of the cult classic. For a show shrouded in mystery, it comes as no surprise that what the series would look like 25 years later has remained a mystery. However, fans learned one huge piece of the puzzle when it was confirmed that Kyle MacLachlan, who played the show’s main character, Special Agent Dale Cooper, would return to reprise his role on Showtime.

The return of Dale Cooper is great news for fans as the character held the show together through its first two seasons. But what will Dale Cooper be doing all these years later? When fans last saw the character, in the season 2 finale back in 1991, he'd been lost to the Black Lodge with a duplicate inhabited by Bob (Frank Silva). Will he still be possessed when the series returns or will he have found a way to come back?

Since he last played the role of Dale Cooper, MacLachlan has been a busy man. He has starred in numerous series including, “The Good Wife,” “Sex and the City,” “Desperate Housewives,” and “Portlandia.” He will return to “Twin Peaks” on Showtime along with series creators Bob Frost and David Lynch, who will write and direct every episode.

Meanwhile, "Twin Peaks" fans learned at the show’s TCA panel Monday that the creators promised that the new season would "bring closure" to the series’ story. This should please the many fans that were frustrated by season 2 finale’s ambiguous, cliffhanger ending.

“Twin Peaks” is due to premiere on Showtime in 2016. Meanwhile, fans can catch up on the original two seasons for free on Netflix.

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