Director David Lynch, master of the weird,  pulled out of a Showtime revival of cult TV show "Twin Peaks" over money -- but as he wrote on Twitter on Sunday, it was because he felt the network wasn't going to put enough money into the project. The original cast members sent a message to Showtime as well: In a video they released on Tuesday, stars like Sheryl Lee and Sherilyn Fenn -- showing their ages, naturally, since the original aired on ABC for two seasons 1990 - 1991 -- explain what a "Twin Peaks" without Lynch would be like. 

Showtime, which owns the rights to the surreal show, according to Gawker, could possibly produce it without Lynch.

Lynch had taken to Twitter to explain that it was he who pulled out of the deal -- and not Showtime. He also tweeted that he'd called the actors to let them know he was not going to direct the Golden Globes-honored show and that "Twin Peaks may still be very much alive at Showtime."


Representatives for Showtime made a statement that the network was "saddened" by Lynch's position but hoped that it could get both Lynch and co-creator Mark Frost to return to the project, reported CBS. It was to be a limited-run series, debuting in 2016.