If you've ever wondered how some of Twitter's most famous users are connected, Twitter employee Isaac Hepworth has created a lovely visualization to give you just a little insight into their social patterns.

The graphic shows the mutual follows of more than 50,000 of Twitter's verified accounts. The users mapped out in the diagram come from the five largest Twitter categories and are color coded to represent their specific area within the network. 

Blue is for news, purple for government and politics, red for music, yellow for sports and green for TV. 

Check out the graphic below to see the numerous connections: 


Created during Twitter Hack Week -- a week devoted to promoting "innovation through experimentation around the company" -- the diagram holds telling information regarding the patterns that exist among certain groups of verified users. 

"One of the many fascinating things about this diagram is that it shows which accounts tend to follow those outside their category," Twitter's blog post reads. "For example, the reason that blue and purple almost seem to merge into one another is that journalists tend to follow politicians, and vice versa. The same is true of TV and music, down in the bottom right, with musicians and TV stars following each other often."

See what interesting connections you can find in the diagram above!