There’s something for everything at Super Bowl XLVII in New Orleans Sunday, and among those who aren’t diehard sports fans, many were looking forward to the musical entertainment of the night.

Jennifer Hudson opened the show, beautifully performing “America the Beautiful” with the Sandy Hook Elementary School Choir of Newtown, Conn.

Alicia Keys took the field next, singing the U.S. national anthem, “The Star-Spangled Banner.” She earlier joked on Twitter that the heels she was wearing were her version of cleats.

Hudson and Keys were widely praised on Twitter for the way they performed, even garnering positive remarks by some celebrities. 

Bruno Mars commented on the singers’ performances with a simple observation: “Jennifer Hudson and Alicia Keys! #Awesome.” Many in the Twitterverse agreed with the star, retweeting his commented almost 2,000 times.

Sinbad, best known from his 1990s acting and stand-up comedy, wrote: “I see everybody singing live at the Super Bowl today. Jennifer Hudson and alicia keys made it. Now Bey has to kick it.”

The rest of the country was just as pleased with the way the entertainers handled the national songs.

@ToriFenoff tweeted: “Jennifer Hudson and Alicia Keys are two gorgeous and talented women. #Respect.”

@ImErinHartigan shared: “Jennifer Hudson and Alicia Keys. Two of most amazing, most talented individuals in the biz. Add #SandyHook choir, I'm covered in goosebumps.”

Although Hudson’s performance with the Sandy Hook choir was moving, many appeared to have enjoyed Keys' performance even more, continuing to make her name trend as the Super Bowl was well into the middle of the first quarter -- but it wasn’t because of how well she sang.

The Twitterverse was abuzz, with almost all the talk about how it took her longer than two minutes to sing the national anthem, and commenting that the songstress always has a piano with her.

@OfficialKhalid joked, “I swear Alicia Keys brings that damn piano everywhere she goes.”

@SklarBrothers tweeted, “Did Alicia Keys just add two verses to the Nat. Am.? #sklarbowl.”

And @ThatDarnDave had the topper, writing, “During Alicia Keys performance I ran out got some food, cooked it, ate it, and read the book of Psalms ... ”