One week ago comedian Eddie Murphy made his first appearance on the "Saturday Night Live" stage for the long-running NBC show's live 40th anniversary special. Murphy was on stage again Sunday at the 87th Academy Awards, presenting the award for best original screenplay. However, Murphy's performance on the show was notable not for what he said or did, but for what did not say or do.

The legendary comedian made headlines after his "Saturday Night Live" appearance for not participating in any comedy sketches and barely even working in any jokes when he came out on stage to introduce a video montage. Many accused the comedian of having lost his comedic touch.

Murphy did not do anything at the Oscars to dissuade critics of that notion. His presentation was humorless and straightforward as he announced "Birdman" as the winner for best original screenplay.

Twitter immediately reacted to Murphy's déjà vu performance:

Neil Patrick Harris joked that Murphy "did not need this," referring to the publicity of presenting an award. However, from the sound of things, Murphy might need to do something to restore his comedy credentials. 

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