Former “Saturday Night Live” comedian Norm Macdonald went on an epic Twitter rant Monday about “SNL 40”-- the NBC's variety show's 40th anniversary special. For more than two hours, the comedian sent dozens of tweets on his official page about different comedians and the planning process for “SNL 40.”

Macdonald, 51, who famously anchored “Weekend Update” on “SNL,” began his lengthy diatribe with, “It was some week.” The comedian started at the beginning and said writing for the anniversary special was a “massive undertaking” that left people “exhausted.”

A few tweets later, he brought up “Celebrity Jeopardy.” Macdonald claimed he came up with the idea after he stole it from someone else and he “received permission.” One of the hardest things to do was to find a celebrity -- at least, one with wit. To Macdonald, the funniest character was Will Ferrell’s impersonation of Alex Trebek, the real-life host of “Jeopardy.”

About a dozen tweets later, Macdonald focuses his attention on Eddie Murphy. The “Beverly Hills Cop” star hadn’t returned to “SNL” for more than 30 years and fans were thrilled he attended the special. Macdonald described Murphy as an incredible comedian and also shared an anecdote, which involved David Spade, about why Murphy waited so long to come back.

He also raved about Mike Myers and “Wayne’s World.”

Later he mentioned how Bill Murray would not be able to make it to the reunion because he was golfing at the Pro-Am tournament, and that was when he suggested to give Eddie Murphy a call.

More tweets by Macdonald to come, probably.

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