Kylie Jenner’s family has hired a spy squad to get to the bottom of all the cheating rumors against her boyfriend Tyga. Just when the scandal with Molly O’Malia, who claimed the “Stimulated” rapper sent her inappropriate messages, was getting over, a Brazilian model, Annalu Cardoso, claimed she had a relationship with Tyga.

The couple is going through a rough patch now as Jenner was reportedly distancing herself from him. At the 2016 Golden Globes Awards Sunday, Jenner was seen with her sister Kourtney Kardashian instead of Tyga, and she had reportedly banned the rapper from attending the event. The 18-year-old Jenner told Tyga that she needed a break to think things over, according to reports.

“Kourtney knows what Kylie is going through because she spent almost a decade with a cheating liar, Scott Disick,” a source told Radar Online, adding that Kardashian had “now employed her spy squad to help Kylie get the truth about what Tyga’s up to.”

The source also said, “The goal is to catch him in the act,” adding: “If they’re able to, Kylie will have no other choice than to leave him.”

The Radar Online report also said that despite various reports saying Tyga had been unfaithful to Kylie, he had denied the rumors. Tyga is afraid of losing Jenner over the scandals, another report claimed Tuesday.

“Tyga loves Kylie so much. He’s watching his every move so much these days that it’s causing him anxiety. He’s always been nervous and anxious around her but now it’s gotten even worse,” a source reportedly told Hollywood Life, adding:  “He wants to be Kylie’s everything! Her King. Her prince. Her provider and protector. He’s not just trying to impress her – he now realizes he’s got to impress Kim, Kourt, Khloe, Kris and the hardest one of all – Kendall. Dude is stressed out but he loves Kylie that much.”

The relationship between Jenner and Tyga has gone through several ups and downs as the “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” star also faced a feud with Tyga’s baby mama and his former girlfriend, Blac Chyna. Tyga has a three year-old son named King Cairo with the model, who has taken digs at Jenner ever since she started dating him. Tyga was also reportedly cheating on Jenner with Chyna.

“Blac’s said it before, she’s thankful she’s not in Kylie’s shoes because this sort of betrayal hurts to the bone,” the source said, according to Hollywood Life, adding: “Blac feels Kylie came between she and Tyga. And now, multiple women are coming between Kylie and Tyga. Kylie deserves to be cheated on. She’s a homewrecker with no remorse.”