Tyler Hamilton, the former teammate of Lance Armstrong who appeared on 60 Minutes and accused Armstrong of doping, was quoted as saying he feels bad about beating up Armstrong.

The comments were made in some of the unaired footage of Hamilton's interview on 60 Minutes, but appeared in a 60 Minutes Overtime special featuring Hamilton's interviewer Scott Pelley.

Approximately 1:30 into the video, Pelley makes the comment, This isn't just about Lance.

Hamilton then says, I feel bad, you know, I feel bad that it's beating up, beating up, beating him up.

He continues, I'd rather beat me up than the sport. 

Another unaired piece of the interview occurs at 3:40 into the video.  

Hamilton speaks about the pervasive doping problem throughout the sport of cycling.

He says, Everybody in the peloton was nervous.  Riders talked about it in the race.  Everybody in the peloton was doing it.

You are one big fraternity.  No one wants to see a positive test.  Nobody wants to see some guy get busted with drugs in their car and go to prison.  We all try to help each other out.

See the video: Click Here

Judge for yourself, does Hamilton really feel bad about beating up Lance Armstrong?  Is doping as pervasive in the sport as Hamilton says?