Troubled R&B singer Ginuwine has generated a storm of controversy after a video surfaced showing him performing in what appeared to be a chemically altered state during an appearance on WLNY’s morning show “The Couch” last week.

In the video, Ginuwine -- who appeared on the program alongside singers Tyrese and Tank as part of the R&B supergroup TGT -- was fidgety and disoriented as they performed their new single, “I Need.” The performance prompted many to speculate on whether the 42-year-old singer, who has admitted to drug addiction in years past, had experienced a relapse.

Ginuwine took to Twitter and blamed his performance on his need for eye drops. “Obviously I need eye drops lololol," Ginuwine said. " I need to take two more since I'm poppn now lololololololol what insanity…I'm going to always perform in the morning so I can blink blink blink blink blink."

"Sometimes you gotta laugh at yourself own it just to let yah know tho thts never been in my life so form what ever opinion u hav GROWN," Ginuwine added.

Meanwhile, fellow TGT member Tank got in on the action on Twitter. "Every night I step on stage I give my all! I demand the people around me to do the same!" he wrote. "U can't help everybody.. Some people just are what they are.."

That tweet prompted a response from Ginuwine, who said, "Tank trying to leave himself out lololol."

Tyrese also weighed in on the debacle. "Fellas ya'll gotta get it together....My performance was great," he joked. "Please guys...Lol @TheRealTank @Ginuwine lets get u some eye drops!"

As the Inquisitr points out, TGT formed in 2007, but all three members were signed to different record labels, preventing the release of a full-length studio album. In 2012, the group signed to Atlantic Records. Their debut album, “3 Kings,” is set to be released Aug. 20.

Watch a video of the performance below: