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ABU DHABI: The UAE on Sunday decided to set up an agency to assess and develop a peaceful and fully nuclear energy programme.

A decision in this regard was taken at the cabinet meeting on Sunday. Stressing the transparency of the programme, the cabinet endorsed an official statement outlining the country's intention to develop nuclear energy for peaceful purposes.

The decision to establish the agency, with an initial capital of Dh375 million, follows an agreement signed with France in January to help the UAE develop a peaceful programme that will not include the process of enriching uranium.

Here are the key guidelines issued after the cabinet meeting

The UAE is committed to complete transparency in the operation of nuclear plants.

It is committed to achieving the highest standards of nuclear non proliferation.

The UAE is committed to achieving the highest safety and security standards.

The UAE is keen to work directly with the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) and is committed to its standards on the assessment of the possible development of a peaceful nuclear energy programme.

The UAE is looking forward to developing a local nuclear energy programme for peaceful purposes with the help of friendly countries and international organizations that have expertise in this field.

The UAE is committed to adopting the optimal way of dealing with any peaceful nuclear programme to further achieve a long term sustaining programme.